Authors Basic Training

Thanks for watching. The material referred to in the video is available below.

Below is an outline of what you will learn. The PDFs are free. Study them and decide if you want to enhance your writing career. Class starts at the first of the month, so act now. Simply click Yes, I want to Learn how to be an author, and you’ll receive an email with options for One-Time or Subscription.

But don’t wait. This is a limited time offer and class starts the first of the month.

It’s Your Business An Invitation to Authors Basic Training

Authors Basic Training Introduction (PDF format)

  • Why?
  • Business Name
    • Book Title
    • Author’s Name
    • Unique Name
  • Banking
    • Setup
    • Credit/Debit Card
  • Budgeting
  • School of Hard Knocks
  • Christian Authors Business Institute
    • Overview
    • Cost
  • Guaranty
  • Class Schedule

You can pay One-Time for $399 or Subscribe for $66.99 a month for six months. Choose what is best for you.

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