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Blog by Ron – A Writer’s Greatest Joy

A Writer’s Greatest Joy is not getting the book finished, nor getting the book published, nor having great sales. Great reviews are special, but they fail to reach greatest joy.

The Greatest Joy for a Writer

The greatest joy for a writer is different. I am writing from the perspective of over 20 years as an author, a published author. I have had good sales. I have had bestsellers in TR Bookstore. I have had 4- and 5-star reviews, an accomplishment that every author should desire. The acknowledgment of others is special!

 In addition, I have had double digit books published over that span of years. These have been fiction and nonfiction. I am currently working on 2 novels, plus a nonfiction book.

The Greatest Joy is:

But none of that moves me as much as the knowledge that readers were moved by my works. For example, “He makes the Bible come alive.”

Or “I had to go to the Bible to see if what you wrote was true.”

These are statements that please my soul. Why? Because it means the reader not only was entertained or informed, but they were also touched enough that they acted. It means my books influenced people!

Influenced People?

Yes, when you receive evidence of such results it brings an amazing sense of accomplishment to you. It is a compliment that goes beyond dollars and cents, beyond a simple ‘like’ or kind words. Those all please me, but this acknowledgment that I influence people goes far beyond anything else.

Don’t get me wrong. I love sales, primarily because sales are needed to run the company, to provide for my daily living, and to have fun. Sales enable me to tithe, pay taxes, go on trips, and to help others. Sales are necessary.

To influence people is phenomenal! But to know that I have influenced others is something there are no words to express.


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