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Blog by Ron – Avoiding Writers Block

Author R. Frederick Riddle

Avoiding Writers Block

Avoiding writers block is something every author should strive to achieve. You won’t always be successful, but there are things you can do to help avoid it.

Last year, my wife Teresa (aka Tess) wrote and published five books. One was actually a republished book with a new title and fresh content added. The other four books were completely new works including the content.

How did a new author have such a prolific year?

Whether intentional or accidental she followed the tip I am giving in this bog: multitasking.

STOP – Don’t turn me off. I am not talking about writing your book, then mowing the lawn, and then doing something else not related to writing. This is different and will help you steer clear of writers block and be more productive.

My Own Career

When I started out I learned to multitask the traditional way and it did help. But I learned to multitask within my writing career. What do I mean? Consider the following:

Avoiding Writers Block Means Writing More

I currently have the following projects in varying degrees of completion.

  • A mystery novel
  • A novel based on Moses
  • A novel based on Daniel
  • A new journal, which is in the planning stages right now

These books are in essence being worked on at the same time. The four projects mentioned can be moved to or from at any given time. I do not set any kind of time schedule.

Avoiding Writers Block Through Flexing

By this I mean moving or alternating between books as I just indicated. Sometimes, I will be working on my mystery novel, which is nearing completion and will soon be published. I will write for a while, and then shift to another novel whenever I feel like it. This could be any of the other three projects.

How does this work?

More on the other side of this break.

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Now back to the article.

Avoiding Writers Block is Shifting Focus

I am shifting my brain’s focus to another project yet still operating within my writing mode. This isn’t some new gimmicky idea. This is simply reminding you of something you may have already known.

Multitasking is simply shifting your brain’s focus from one task to another. The difference is that we are not shifting from writing to a non-writing task, but are keeping our focus on tasks within our writing. It is so simple that we authors forget it.

Avoiding Writers Block Simply Requires a Fresh Mind

And that is exactly what happens. When you shift your mind to another writing task you freshen your brain. Now it faces new challenges, goals, and achievements. Everything is fresh and your brain is able to pour itself into this new project.

Multitasking Increases Output

It can’t be helped. If I focus too long on a single project my brain gets tired, but when I shift gears, my mind comes alive. Yours will also.

And with a fresh mind you will find yourself producing more.


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