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Podcasting? Yes, I finally did it!

The Podcasting Dream

Sometime last year (2023) it occurred to me that I aught to try podcasting. After all, I once had my own radio show that was a lot like podcasting. Even had a studio; strictly on computer.

As time went on the dream grew, but I was so busy doing other things, things I thought were important, that it just remained a dream. But in early 2024 I converted a post series to a podcast almost. I say almost because it remained a posting series. I called it a podcast, but it was primarily a Facebook post simply titled Episodes. But it was still Facebook.

Then the Lord Encouraged Me to get Started

I went into my YouTube channel and began scheduling the Facebook posts to be launched as podcasts beginning June 18th. That is today!

The Lord continued pushing me and earlier today the first podcast was aired. This is Episode 00 about my practice week, which I consider very important.

Podcasting Is the Result of That Practice Week.

That practice week was practicing going full time in my business. At that time, I was thinking about going full-time in May, but God had other plans. So, I agreed with Him that I would wait until He wanted me to go full-time.

But God saw that I was misinterpreting His will. So, He preceded to inform me that just because I wasn’t full-time business wise, didn’t mean I couldn’t be IN the business full-time.

In Podcasting Full-Time?

Not exactly. He wants me to think of the business full-time. Only His Word and His church comes before it. He wants me to do the work as if I was full-time just like I did during that practice week. In other words, stop making excuses and get busy doing more than videos.

My Podcasting Plan

Starting with today the Podcast Becoming A Published Author is Fun was published as scheduled. On Thursday Episode 001 will be published, then each week there will be published in order a podcast on Tuesday and Wednesday until all 65 episodes are published.

Then What?

Then I resume new podcasts. Actually, I will resume making new podcasts probably around October 1, and schedule the new podcast on Tuesday, October 15th.

Podcasting will then be Available Wherever I Want.


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