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Blog by Ron – Should I Podcast?

Should I podcast is a question I am exploring right now. I have friends who either podcast or soon will be. But should I?

That is not an easy question to answer. Let’s take a few minutes and explore this question.

Should I Podcast Considering My Past Endeavors?

This is actually an argument in favor of podcasting. I used to have a show in talk radio that I hosted weekly. My studio was online, while I worked from my home. Every week for about two or three years I hosted the show.

My wife, being an unbiased soul, thought I did a good job and was getting better. Unbiased support is always welcome.

Should I Podcast Considering That I Eventually Quit?

Again, this is actually a positive question. I shut down the show because our finances were tight and my wife had cancer. It was a decision made due to circumstances we couldn’t control.

But she passed away earlier in 2023 (not of cancer), so I am alone. Which means I no longer have a live-in critique; a person who would point out areas where I could improve, or to compliment me. Having her back me like that meant more to me than I realized.

On the other hand, being alone brings more free time, or so I am told. In any case, I should have more time.

Did I Enjoy Podcasting?

Yes, I did. I do a weekly blog now which I enjoy, but being in front of a mike has a certain appeal. That show was strictly radio, but if I choose to do podcasting, it will probably be video, and I have found that I enjoy video.

The more I use video the more comfortable I become and the more knowledge I acquire.

This is a harder question. As far as the technical requirements are concerned, I think I can handle that issue. Probably require a learning curve, but given time I think I can do it.

Cost is another factor. But the host I have for my business provides within its site the necessary tools. Most are included in the overall website payment.

So, the real question is probably am I willing to make the commitment to it that is probably required? And I don’t have the answer to that question yet. It is going to take prayer and perhaps seeking other’s insights. Then, I will need to sit down, and make the decision, because if I do get in it, I will want to go in fully.

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