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Blog by Ron – The Next Step

The Next Step for me is not to be full-time, but to actively build the business. Why do I say that? Because I am now full-time.

My Next Step Was to Go Full-Time.

Up until the end of June I considered that I needed to achieve certain goals to be able to go full-time. But God took me aside to explain a few things.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t, I repeat, I don’t hear voices. But I do hear God through the preaching of God’s Word, the reading of God’s Word, and through brothers and sisters in the Lord.

As I said, God took me aside. I imagine He set me on His lap and gently held me as He explained His will.

You are Wrong!

Nobody wants to hear those words, but that is what God told me. He pointed out that it was He that helped me write the course on writing, it was He that enabled me to take a part-time job, and it is He that wants me full-time in the business. I could add it was He that put the support of missions on my heart.

I was looking at things the wrong way.

The Next Step is based on the current Situation.

There is nothing wrong with having goals, but not recognizing that those goals either have been achieved or are possibly wrong goals. The fact is that I am already full-time!


I am doing the work. I am creating content. I am getting my message out. I am making plans and acting on them. I am making short term and long-term decisions that will impact my business for years.

My Next Step is to Build upon the Foundation.

That foundation is in part the books I have written whether fiction or nonfiction. God enabled me to do so. Another part of the foundation is Basic Authors Training where I teach writers to become published authors. I have expanded and improved the content to a higher professional level. In addition to that I have added two services, Ministry Publishing and Fast Trac. All in all I am offering great content at affordable prices.

That is the foundation. In the days, weeks, and months to go I plan on more content to be published on Facebook and LinkedIn, plus YouTube. Furthermore, I plan on  additional content being added in the course. It is an exciting future.

It Includes the Help Ministry.

This is a ministry that God laid on my heart late last year. It started with Him laying a coworker on my heart and expanded to a vision. This vision is to help people, Christians and non-Christians. In will eventually include financial help, both literal and advisory, plus spiritual help as well.

Have You Taken the Next Step?

Whether you are talking about your Christian Walk or your Christian business, you need to always be taking that next step. It is a sign of a growing Christian.


R. Frederick Riddle is an author, teacher, publisher, and the owner of T&R Independent Books. The website is at Home – T&R Independent Bookstore (

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Blog by Ron – The Resurrection

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is a hotly debated issue. Some people say it never happened. These have their heads in the sand.

Others say He was resurrected in the spirit. But that leaves a body in the tomb, yet the tomb has been and is empty.

Still others believe that He was bodily resurrected and coming back. These people have a rock-solid faith.

Let’s take a closer look.

The Cross

A literal reading of the Word of God leads to the belief that Christ was crucified on Wednesday and arose Sunday morning. Some people believe that He was crucified on Friday and celebrate the day as Good Friday. This is not supported with scripture unless you divide the days.


Simple math. You cannot get three days and nights which comprise 72 hours into two days (Friday and Saturday). The only way this is achieved is be dividing the days which neither the context nor the actual wording support.

Part of the confusion rests on the sabbath. There is the sabbath which occurs on Saturday, and the Passover, a high day or high sabbath. In John 19:14, 31 we learn that Jesus was crucified on the day of preparation for the Passover, the next day. Thus, the crucifixion was on Wednesday, not Friday.

Another factor is the confusion over how long Jesus was in the tomb. It was three days and three nights. Only a crucifixion on Wednesday allows this. Consider that Thursday the Passover began in our time Wednesday at 6pm (sundown). This means Jesus was in the tomb (using our time) from Wednesday 6pm to 6am (night), Thursday 6pm to 6am, and Friday 6pm to 6am. He was also in the tomb in our time from Thursday 6am to 6pm (day), Friday 6am to 6pm, and Saturday 6am to 6pm.

Thus He was in the tomb three days and three nights, and was resurrected sometime after 6pm Saturday which was the beginning of Sunday. The stone was rolled away at dawn not to let Jesus out but to allow the women to look in.

The Resurrection Means No Body in the Tomb

There are a great number of man-made religions in the world and the bones of the founders never left the burial place. But we know that Jesus left the tomb and was seen of many. At one time He appeared to some 500 people. While it is possible to delude one or two people at the same time, it is not possible to delude 500 at the same time.

The Resurrection is Absolute

Some deniers claim the resurrection is unimportant. That is because they think that Christianity is just another religion. But it is more than a religion, it is a relationship between God and man through the God-man Jesus Christ. If Christ was not resurrected then He was buried and no longer lives. If He no longer lives there is no hope for us, we are most miserable (1 Cor. 15:19).

The Resurrection is Historical

After the crucifixion Christ appeared to many people as noted above. It was the fact of the resurrection that empowered the early church to dig deep roots and survive the persecution that came.  That led to the imprisonment of the apostles and none recanted their belief in the resurrection. Look at this list:

  • Peter: crucified upside down.
  • Andrew: crucified on an X.
  • Phillip: crucified upside down.
  • Thomas: stabbed with spears.
  • Matthew: murdered after scolding a king.
  • Bartholomew: skinned alive.

None of these recanted in their belief in the resurrected Christ.

The church itself would have died quickly if the resurrection were a lie.

Although the Jewish culture had always had Saturday worship, the church began worshipping on Sunday immediately! The only explanation is the resurrection.

The Jewish sacrificial system was abandoned and disappeared shortly after the resurrection. While many reasons may be given, the only one that makes any sense is they are no longer needed.

Jesus Himself told the Pharisees that He would be raised (John 2:19).

The resurrection was real and well documented. It is an historical fact that changed the world. Jesus Christ came to take your sins and mine and to take them to the cross. There He dismissed His spirit and died in our place. He was buried in a tomb and arose after three days and nights in the tomb. And He ever lives and will come back for us some day soon!


R. Frederick Riddle is an author, teacher, publisher, and the owner of T&R Independent Books. The website is at Home – T&R Independent Bookstore (

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Blog by Ron – Prose vs. Character

Prose vs. Character is a battle every author deals with even if unaware. But before continuing, let me define my terms.

Prose is a literary description of people, places, and events.

Character in this blog means describing the people, places, and events through his or her eyes, and expressing them through their voices or thoughts.

When I started writing books, I primarily used Prose. Let me brag for a moment. I wrote some pretty awesome description! But I soon learned that awesome does not necessarily equate to best.

Best is using the character!

Let’s explore that.

  1. Prose is from the author’s viewpoint. It is divorced from the characters. No matter how eloquent, there isn’t the emotional attachment a character can bring. There is a place for prose in writing, but it should be minimized.
  2. When a someone is describing something he or she infuses the description with his or her personality and biases.
  3. Emotional descriptions are impactful. Prose cannot truly compete.
  4. Storyline can be affected by the description. Thus, keeping the author out of it can be helpful!

Requires Balance

A good balance would be to try to only use prose to connect between scenes, places, and people. If you find yourself not sure, then let character be your first choice. If it doesn’t work, then use prose.

Prose vs. Character is Important

You might wonder if balance is really important.  Consider this, humans are multifaceted’. The more levels you can connect with them the more they will receive and connect with you.

To break that down, take a look at what makes up a person:

His or her:

Biases – political, religious, even educational.

Education – no schooling, high school, college.

physical traits – height, weight, hair, eyes, etc.

relationship to Christ – saved – unsaved.

Spirituality – walk with God, testimony, bible knowledge.

Training – learned skills, trade.

and more…

What if the reader is touched on two, three, four, or more levels? Don’t you think that the fictional person gets more real to the reader? The closer they get to one another, the more the reader identifies with the character. The more the reader identifies with that person, the more the reader is drawn into the story, and enjoys it. That breeds success.


R. Frederick Riddle is an author, teacher, publisher, and the owner of T&R Independent Books. The website is at Home – T&R Independent Bookstore (

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Blog by Ron – Words Are Necessary Tools

Words are necessary tools for authors. Lately I have been posting about reading and writing. Why am I so insistent on this subject?

Necessary Tools.

When God created men and women the use of words was immediately practiced. I know that evolutionists think early man simply grunted and drew pictures on walls. Other than artifacts indicating that man has lived in caves at times, they have no proven evidence that man couldn’t communicate through words.

We know that the first chapter of Genesis was written by God Himself, plus that Adam began writing afterward, probably after being ejected from the Garden. In addition, we know that mankind was created and God saw everything as “very Good.” That translates to perfect.

I believe and the Bible certainly indicates that Adam and Eve were highly intelligent, probably geniuses. Listening and talking to God required words, such as naming the animals. naming the foliage. Adam and Eve used words from the very beginning. There was no evolution.

Adam and Eve not only communicated with God, but with one another. Words were necessary for them. Which brings us back to the initial statement that words are necessary tools. Since we are talking about writing, the statement can be made that words are necessary tools for authors.

Tools of our Trade.

It should not surprise you that I said that. We authors work with words all the time. Not just writing our stories, although that can require thousands of words, but getting published and selling our books also require words. Doubt that? Consider the need for grammar aids, and, recently, AI.

Words Require Caution

Say the wrong word at the wrong time and see what happens. When I was a naïve teenager working on the assembly line, I made a joke to a woman. It was innocent, and harmless, but the wording and structure of the words caused her to interpret the words differently than I met. She instantly was angry. Fortunately, I gave her my meaning and she realized I was telling the truth. I do not know what she would have done if she hadn’t believed me. I was much more careful in my conversation and choices after that.

Writing books is communication between the author and the reader. You don’t want to use the wrong word at the wrong time. It can turn off that reader quickly. You lose that reader plus others influenced by that reader.

Reading is important.

I encourage authors to do research. Words are extremely important when doing research.

Research involves reading internet material, other books, and, sometimes, academic documents.

Words Require Something

If everything I have said is true, what does that mean for me? Basically, three things.

  1. Study to show thyself approved unto God (2 Timothy 2:15a)
  2. Search the scriptures is a good rule given by Jesus. There it was knowing Jesus. But the writer is also to search or research material that may enter your book. But it is also needed for publishing and marketing.
  3. In Psalm 90:12, we are told to apply our hearts to wisdom. That is referring to godly wisdom, but it is an excellent principle for writing, as well.

In other words, study, do the research, and apply what you learn. These three habits are well worth the investment of time and yourself.


R. Frederick Riddle is an author, teacher, publisher, and the owner of T&R Independent Books. The website is at Home – T&R Independent Bookstore ( He is also on Facebook.

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Blog by Ron – Turning Loss to Gain

Turning Loss to Gain can have various meanings. But in this blog I am talking about losing your soulmate.

How can such a loss be turned to gain?

My wife, Teresa, and I were married 41 years and 5 months before she went home to be with the Lord. It was a happy marriage founded on our mutual love for God and for one another.

Eight years older than her I never figured she would go first. She considered that possibility, but always claimed she would die in an automobile accident. It didn’t happen that way.

Turning Loss to Gain Begins with a Loss

In 2018 Teresa was diagnosed with cancer. It was quite advanced, requiring massive doses of chemotherapy and radiation therapy, but she beat it. In 2019 she had it again. This time it was chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and surgery. She beat it again and remained cancer free until 2022.

Although diagnosed in 2022 with cancer, it was small and wasn’t the cause of her death. All the radiation she had reopened the surgical wound and on February 19, 2023, she bled to death in her sleep. She suffered no pain, went to sleep here on earth and awoke in heaven.

Yesterday, February 19, 2024, was the first anniversary of her death. It had been a sudden and unexpected loss. I lost the love of my life, my confidant, and the number one supporter of my writing career.

Turning Loss to Gain Can be Bumpy.

I regularly thank God for the great memories we had together. But I also thank Him for the family of God, Christian friends who support me in prayer, and acts of kindness.

In 2014, Teresa (aka Tess) and I had founded T&R Independent Books with the sole purpose of publishing our own books. Aside from laying a firm foundation for the new business, we had to deal with my heart attack in the same month, her cancer, and other issues. But in 2022 we published the most successful book we had ever published up to that point. Titled Hurricane Ian Winds of Providence and Provision, it was a hit and made 2022 the best year ever up to then.

In 2023, after her death, I published another hit. This is The Best of Tess which was a collection of her Ladies Devotionals plus an unfinished work that I finished with a postscript of our last 2 months together.

It was a bumpy time from 2014 through 2023, but God demonstrated His love and care throughout. When Teresa passed from life to glory, it suddenly grew very bumpy. Yet Christian friends, the family of God, stepped forward and wrapped their collective arms around me. Through them God comforted, supported, and guided me.

As a result, I trusted God, His Word, and my faith grew. Instead of being overwhelmed I was strengthened.

A New Direction

Earlier in 2022 I had written a course for the purpose of teaching people how to write. But it languished as I paused everything to care for my wife. After her death God began directing my thoughts back to that course and ultimately to launching it in 2023. He did this through Gordon Duncan who took over Christian Authors Community & Service or CACS after the founder Tom Blubaugh had died.

Aside from heading CACS, Gordon has another business called Capitalize Your Best which helps companies grow to new heights. I signed up got his course and his coaching. This resulted not only in the launching of the course, Basic Authors Training, but also the launching of Ministry Publishing.

Ministry Publishing is a publishing service to Christians who serve their local church whether paid or volunteer. It had an immediate impact.

Turning Loss to Gain is Exciting.

It wasn’t long before I had clients for the Ministry Publishing. My first clients is a husband/wife missionary team. They minister to men, women, and juvenile prisoners by taking the gospel to them. They are now in the process of writing a 365 Daily Devotional. This is an exciting project!

Another client is rewriting his biography. This one will tell more of his story than previously, plus it will be published by T&R Independent Books. Having crisscrossed America with the gospel, it is a story I am excited to see in print.

Turning Loss to Gain is A Work of God

As Christians we live in a world of loss, injury, and wrong. We suffer for a variety of reasons. But God doesn’t want us to mope and feel sorry for ourselves. Whatever grief or obstacle we may face in this life, He wants us to turn to Him and let Him turn that loss to gain.

Our God is a loving God Who has in many cases called us to use our writing skills for His use. He wants us to lay our troubles at His feet and allow Him to lift us up, to turn our loss to gain, and use us to His glory.

Thus, our loss when submitted to His care brings us great joy. Moreover, it allows God to transform our lives in ways we didn’t foresee. All God asks of us is that believers trust and follow Him. He will give you back so much more than you lost!


R. Frederick Riddle is an author, teacher, publisher, and the owner of T&R Independent Books. The website is at Home – T&R Independent Bookstore (

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Blog by Ron – Getting Published is Fun

Getting Published is more than a headline or a cute phrase. It can be and is a vital part of your writing career.

If you have been following my posts, you are aware that I am a Christian author and publisher. That means that I have gained insights over time and can thereby help you navigate the roiling waters of writing.

Getting Published Posts

To teach authors about writing and getting published I invested a great deal of that knowledge plus time, sweat, and tears. I guess that is a little over dramatic, but it sounded good.

The truth is that while I was joking, I was also telling the truth. I learned to write the hard way. You may have heard me talk about the School of Hard Knocks. It is one fact of my life that propelled me to write the course. I don’t want you to go to that school, or if you are currently in it, I don’t want you to stay there.

Getting Published is Fun – the VLOG

At the beginning of the year I began a VLOG (Video Blog) which is much like a podcast but strictly video. I use that VLOG to share tips for you in your writing, publishing, and marketing.

At the same time, I publish posts on Facebook and LinkedIn, which by some strange magic show up reinforce what I am teaching. Each post and each VLOG share similar hints, tips, and facts yet from a slightly different perspective. Moreover, they magically show up about the same time. Why? Aren’t I being redundant? Perhaps, but the old saying is that it takes repetition to teach. Besides some of you may only be on YouTube, others may focus on Facebook, and still others may be on LinkedIn. And others may be on all three. But the point is to get the information out there.

Getting Published is Fun is True

Let me list some of the ways I think getting published is fun. This list is not organized, just listed as I consider them.

  • Holding my published book for the first time

There is something special about holding your first book you have written in your hand. In fact, there is that same special feeling everytime you get published whether it is your first, or seventh, or tenth.

  • Seeing my name in print

When I got my first book and saw my name on the cover, I was thrilled. That may have been the moment I realized that my dream had come true!

  • Seeing my name in Google Search

That may seem odd to you, but when I searched for R. Frederick Riddle and got back a listing not only of the books I had written, but the other information about me as well. Try searching for your name, especially if you have an author’s name. Or a business name.

  • Getting a Royalties report

It is always a happy feeling when I receive a royalty payment no matter how much it amounts. It means somebody is buying and reading something I created.

  • That first sale

I wish I had written down the who, where, and when of my first sale. But I was so excited, I gave away books!

  • And every sale thereafter

Now that I am an Indie Publisher, I track my sales. And I am vain enough to go back and look at them. It always is a good feeling.

What is my Tip for you?

Be willing to invest yourself in whatever it takes to achieve your goal. I am not just talking about money, although that is necessary. I am talking about your time and energy. And I am talking about the effort it takes to change your preconceived ideas. That is harder, but often very important.


R. Frederick Riddle is an author, teacher, publisher, and the owner of T&R Independent Books. The website is at Home – T&R Independent Bookstore ( To find him on YouTube go to (159) TR Independent Books – YouTube,

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Blog by Ron – Course vs. Service

Course vs. Service sounds mysterious in a way. But basically, I offer to ways for authors to get published: a writing course called B.A.T. and a publishing service called Ministry Publishing.

Course vs. Service is Unique

I have talked a great deal about Basic Authors Training which is a writing course that teaches, provides one-one coaching, live Zoom meetings, email, and other methods of communication. In addition, a publishing/marketing plan is included.

The service is called Ministry Publishing and does not include the teaching of how to write a book, or set your business up. Ministry Publishing is strictly focused on publishing and marketing.

Course vs. Service is very Affordable.

Both the writing course and the service offer affordable ways of paying. Both provide 12 monthly payments or pay in full up front. This time period was chosen to alleviate the financial crunch that a full pay payment could impose.

The Service is Repeatable

This simply means that you can purchase this service on future books. Each book for the same price. The publishing aspect is covered completely by this price, whereas the marketing aspect is covered within the Author’s Book pricing, making it self-funded and recoverable.

What do I mean by recoverable? If you buy the book and resell it to customers you pay nothing in addition to your author’s price. Whatever retail price you choose is what the customer pays, you keep the difference between basic cost (author’s price) and retail price. Retail price is determined by you.

Course vs. Service is for Christians.

T&R Independent Books is a Christian business dedicated to publishing and marketing books. The worldview in either is Christian. It is strongly emphasized that students or clients not only be Christians but that you be involved in your local church ministry. Both are aimed at Christian authors.

Ministry Publishing has Limitations.

By limitations I am referring to the genre and to writing standards. There are genres that simply don’t fit the Christian worldview. We do not publish:

  • Evolutionary
  • Horror
  • LGBQ literature
  • Science Fiction (but we do publish Futuristic)
  • Pornography
  • and a few others (contact T&R when in doubt)

Which is Best for Me?

If you have never written a book before or are a novice in need of more instruction then taking a writing course would be best. There are things you need to learn, such as:

  1. Setting your business up
  2. Creating a website
  3. Plotting
  4. Learning how to edit
  5. and more.

If you know how to write or perhaps have written a book, then you don’t need the course unless you feel you need to improve your writing skills. The publishing Service is best for you because it includes:

  1. Editing (optional)
  2. Formatting
  3. Publish Ready
  4. Publishing
  5. Marketing
  6. Marketing tools
  7. and more.

It is Your Choice

Whichever you choose is the right choice for you. There are thousands of new books being published every week and month. It is important that you put your best work out there so that it will be noticed. And always remember that whether take a course or go straight to publishing, you are going to do most of the marketing. So, choose a company who will not only provide you tools for marketing, but will do some marketing for you through an online bookstore, a blog that is gaining readership, a vlog that reaches people interested in books, and in other posts generated by T&R.

As I say in my posts, be In It to Win It!


R. Frederick Riddle is an author, teacher, publisher, and the owner of T&R Independent Books. The website is at Home – T&R Independent Bookstore (

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Blog by Ron – Learning from Others

Learning from Others can be instructive and encouraging to you. I recently visited the website of another author who I not only admire but consider a friend. Her vision and imagination show up immediately upon her website. I was immediately attracted to two items on her home page.

It was her menu which had two particular tabs that interested me. The first was Events and Engagements, while the second was Previews and Offers.

I expected to see a calendar on her Events and Engagements page but was pleasantly surprised by the attractive layout of what I will call Diary. It was actually two columns, Engagements and Events. The way she laid it out was easy to read and follow.

But what really caught my attention was her Previews and Offers page. When you click on that page you get another page like the Events and Engagements, but with three columns. These were a Preview of an upcoming book, Excerpts from a previous book, and a Special Offers column. I was and am impressed. Ideas flooded my mind.

All of this brings up today’s topic: Learning from Others. This is a key principle to writing success. It is a principle that I practice with every post, every blog, and every vlog I create; namely, learn from others.

Is Learning from Others Stealing?

Yes, in a manner of speaking. But it is ok. This is not doing something illegal, frowned upon, or unethical. Rather it is a foundation of all learning. You learn from others such as teachers, coaches, and the like. Not only from what they teach, but what they do and how they do it.

I have a coach who regularly puts out content that encourages others to make use of his advice. I study him and copy some of his approaches. I put on my own spin, but it starts with his teaching an idea or concept.

Learning from Others Sounds Complicated.

If you mean trying to take someone else’s idea and exactly replicating it on your own website, then yes, it is complicated. But that is not what I am talking about. I said earlier that when I saw my friend’s website ideas flooded my mind. These were on how I might incorporate them into my website. Change the word ‘steal’ to ‘hitchhike’ and you might understand better. Her setup blends to her page perfectly, but might prove difficult on my website. The key is the concept.

For Example:

My friend has one page divided into three columns. Because I have a longer, more complicated menu, the page name would have to be changed. Secondly, I could create submenu pages, one for each item. This would better suit my design.

Whatever I choose to do, it all springs from what I saw on her page. She didn’t create that page for me to see, but it inspired me to think about how to do the same thing without messing with my current theme, etc.

If I do that then I have learned and applied.

What Does Learning from Others Mean Then?

It means you keep your eyes open. You never know when or what you are going to learn something new. Don’t assume you know everything. In a sense, all authors face the same problems. The difference is the who, what, where, when, and how of the problem. We may solve these problems differently, and that is where we can learn from one another just by observing.

Another Example of Learning from Others is:

My coach’s methodology. He often creates posts while driving. That is not something I would encourage you to do, but it inspired me.


Because it came across as personal and relaxed to me. Perhaps it was the fact that his attention was divided. But it was very relaxed and almost like sitting beside him and listening to what he was telling me.

I was impressed, but Could I Do That?

Probably not. Most likely I would end up in a accident. But the real question was could I create a post the is relaxed and personal. The answer is yes. What I did was set about searching for the right mix. I tried different backgrounds which worked somewhat and found their way into my posts. But it was the simple tool of a whiteboard that clicked. Here I can be more relaxed, do my teaching or coaching, and make the entire post more relaxed.

I may change my presentation in the future, but I received one of the nicest compliments I could have imagined when I got this comment, “I like your relaxed presentation.”

Will You Start Learning?

I hope you will.

I suggest you make it a practice that when you visit a website, any website, you look at it with a critical eye. Does it get its message across? What one thing does it do to connect with you? Can you learn something new?


R. Frederick Riddle is an author, teacher, publisher, and the owner of T&R Independent Books. The website is at T&R Independent Books. Visit his Facebook page.

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Blog by Ron – Publishing Comparison Chart

In this Publishing Comparison Chart, I am showing you the advantages and disadvantages of the three Publishing types available to you. In my VLOG, Becoming a Published Author is Fun, I address the same subject in a different yet complimentary way.

Royalty (% of net)8% – 35%35% – 60%35% – 100%
RetailSome controlControlControl
How PaidDirect DepositDirect DepositDirect Deposit
Submit – Publish2 yrs. +After ApprovalAfter Approval
Book CoverPubPub/YouPub/You
Final Edit to Publish48 hrs (est.)48 hrs.24 hrs.
Edit after PublishedNoNoAnytime
RepublishNoNo24 hrs.

As you can see in the chart above the potential percentage of royalties is best with the Indie Publisher. If T&R Independent Books is your Indie publisher, you can earn royalties up to 100% of net because you use the Authors Copy pricing and only pay Basic fee.

This article is not about Ministry Publishing, but the price of publishing your book is $1200 or $100 a month for 12 months. This includes whatever marketing is done on your behalf during this time period.

Back to the comparison chart.

You will notice that Edit is highlighted under Indie. This is because as the Indie Author you have full control. You can edit yourself with advice/guidance from T&R Independent Books, or you can hire someone to edit the book for you. This is a clear advantage for the Indie.

Prepping to be Published According to the Comparison Chart

I do not know what restrictions the traditional publisher puts on final edits. It is likely worse than Self-publishing, but I have made Traditional and Self identical. Indie publishing is the standard 24 hrs. or less.

Unpublish or Republish.

With Traditional and Self-Publishing, you have no rights to unpublish or republish. That belongs to the publisher. The only way to republish a book through either one would be to rewrite it and submit it under a new name. It would cost you the same fee as the first, or more.

The Indie Author can unpublish or republish at any time. You may want to unpublish to edit, but the platform I use doesn’t require the book to be unpublished. Editing can be done while the book is active.

In conclusion, when you compare the differing publishing venues available to you, Indie Publishing stands head and shoulders above the others. You have greater control, can hire and fire extra help, or do it yourself. And, in my opinion, your right to unpublish, republish, and edit after publication provides the ultimate control you deserve.

T&R Independent Books is an Indie publisher founded by an Indie Author for Indie Authors. With T&R you can maximize your writing time without losing any control of the publishing process. It is a win/win for you!

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Facing an Uneasy Economy

Facing an uneasy economy is something of the norm for most of these days. Some experts laud the economy but use loosely defined words to do so.

For example, they talk about unemployment being down but do not point out that it is in part due to people no longer looking claiming unemployment in part because they may not qualify for it anymore. Or that rising employment is in part due to the rise in low-paying jobs.

Another thing is inflation. The price of gas goes down and they proclaim that inflation is going down; or the price of food goes up and they are silent. Or maybe the cost of food goes down and the price of gas goes up. In both cases, only that which favors an improving economy.

Whoever you believe, this economy impacts you both as an individual taxpayer and as a business. It makes for uneasiness.

The Economy is scary.

With such confusing information what is an author supposed to do? Well, this blog is aimed primarily at Christians, and we have an advantage non-Christians don’t have. We have an all-sufficient God who will help us through the tough times. Which means we can take it to the Lord in prayer.

This is more important than anything else out there. In prayer you can lay the whole problem knowing He knows all about our needs and has a plan.

Keep Focused.

It is an economy that is difficult to navigate. It is not a time for the faint of heart. What works for one author may not work for the other. Don’t change your approach just to change something. Base your marketing on your history. In other words, stay the course.

Don’t Be Afraid of Change.

Sounds contradictory, but it is just the other side of the coin. Again, look at your history. What works and what doesn’t.

In an Uneasy Economy make use of a coach.

Don’t have a coach? Then you may have problems. Your coach can look at your situation with fresh eyes. It is a good opportunity that he may see something you don’t.

An Uneasy Economy requires Calmness

The last thing you want to do is make decisions based on panic. You will probably make an error.

Look at Positive Signs in Uneasy Economy

Your situation may be different than mine, but there is a chance you have positive signs. For me, this has been my best year ever! Despite losing my wife, which was devastating. God welcomed her into heaven while He comforted me. But then He turned that around by assuring me of where she is, of His daily presence with me, and leading me into an exciting year of growth, dependence (on Him), and blessings!

Don’t Quit Because of an Uneasy Economy!

Whatever you do, don’t quit. God has a plan for you. You are either in His plan, in the wrong plan, or waiting on His plan. Quitting is the wrong plan.