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Facing an Uneasy Economy

Facing an uneasy economy is something of the norm for most of these days. Some experts laud the economy but use loosely defined words to do so.

For example, they talk about unemployment being down but do not point out that it is in part due to people no longer looking claiming unemployment in part because they may not qualify for it anymore. Or that rising employment is in part due to the rise in low-paying jobs.

Another thing is inflation. The price of gas goes down and they proclaim that inflation is going down; or the price of food goes up and they are silent. Or maybe the cost of food goes down and the price of gas goes up. In both cases, only that which favors an improving economy.

Whoever you believe, this economy impacts you both as an individual taxpayer and as a business. It makes for uneasiness.

The Economy is scary.

With such confusing information what is an author supposed to do? Well, this blog is aimed primarily at Christians, and we have an advantage non-Christians don’t have. We have an all-sufficient God who will help us through the tough times. Which means we can take it to the Lord in prayer.

This is more important than anything else out there. In prayer you can lay the whole problem knowing He knows all about our needs and has a plan.

Keep Focused.

It is an economy that is difficult to navigate. It is not a time for the faint of heart. What works for one author may not work for the other. Don’t change your approach just to change something. Base your marketing on your history. In other words, stay the course.

Don’t Be Afraid of Change.

Sounds contradictory, but it is just the other side of the coin. Again, look at your history. What works and what doesn’t.

In an Uneasy Economy make use of a coach.

Don’t have a coach? Then you may have problems. Your coach can look at your situation with fresh eyes. It is a good opportunity that he may see something you don’t.

An Uneasy Economy requires Calmness

The last thing you want to do is make decisions based on panic. You will probably make an error.

Look at Positive Signs in Uneasy Economy

Your situation may be different than mine, but there is a chance you have positive signs. For me, this has been my best year ever! Despite losing my wife, which was devastating. God welcomed her into heaven while He comforted me. But then He turned that around by assuring me of where she is, of His daily presence with me, and leading me into an exciting year of growth, dependence (on Him), and blessings!

Don’t Quit Because of an Uneasy Economy!

Whatever you do, don’t quit. God has a plan for you. You are either in His plan, in the wrong plan, or waiting on His plan. Quitting is the wrong plan.

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