This FAQ page details common questions with our answers. If these do not address your needs, contact us at trbookservices@gmail.com.

Q. How has COVID 19 affected you?

A. T&R Independent Books is an Internet based business and is therefore not impacted as Brick & Mortar bookstores. Our books are available here 24/7 and through Amazon.com. We provide links to the pages where you can safely purchase your copy of any of our books.

Q. Our Bookstore is Open. What does that mean for customers, clients, etc.?

A. T&R Independent Bookstore is our online method of marketing our books, which means we are the primary and best seller of books by R. Frederick and Tess Riddle. As such all our books are marked down from retail. At the same time, we continue to provide links to our product’s Amazon.com pages.

The Bookstore is designed to provide our customers with an easy opportunity to see all our books in one place and to have the opportunity to buy one or more. We also have plans to offer our books in special combinations. Watch our site for more information.

Q. What does Services do?

A. Our Services department is geared to help authors. We have a How To that helps the author with Basic skills, etc., while we also have videos on It’s Your Business to help authors put themselves in the best legal and financial position. In addition, we offer Ministry Services to churches, evangelists, and missionaries. Finally, we link authors to professional coaching.

Q. I am a pastor and interested in writing my own book. What do I need to do?

A. Go to our Services page and click on Ministry Services. Follow instructions and contact us.

Q. Can I buy your book in a bookstore?

A. We are diligently working to put our books on bookstore shelves. But if you don’t see it, ask the bookstore if they can order it. However, we sell our books in our store at discounted prices. It is doubtful that a brick & mortar store could match us.

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