Literary Consultant

Are you looking for help with your book?

Do you have a story, but not sure what to do next?

Do you find book services too expensive?


My name is R. Frederick Riddle and I am a Literary Consultant, meaning I can help you now get your story written and published.

I am not a ghostwriter. You do the writing, I critique and guide you to where your book will be ready to be published.

Who am I?

  • I have been an author since 2003.
  • I have authored the World That Was series consisting of 6 novels.
  • The writer of the What’s True About series.
  • Author of Writing Guide.
  • Coach for Authors Basic Training Course.
  • Blogger on writing.
  • Publisher of books by those in the ministry.

How can I help you?

Before you spend a lot of money hiring someone to write your story, find out how you can do it.

Don’t know how to write?

I can help with that. I have the tools and expertise to guide you along the way.

Will I help you?

Yes, if you qualify.

But first, what is a Literary Consultant?

  • Literary Consultants provide you with specialist advice and support. This takes many forms, including:
  • Developing a draft of your manuscript
  • Giving feedback on what is working and what isn’t
  • Encouraging you
  • Helping you set goals and reach them
  • Guiding you to getting published


We do more than get you ready to be published. Depending on the book size, genre, and other factors we may offer you a publication package, which is separate from Literary Consultant. We reserve the right to offer you such a service, but it is not required that you accept it if offered.


But before I do any of that I must first know whether I want to be a part of your project. This entails a quick review of the project usually requiring a week during which I will review existing manuscript, and the following:

  • Genre
  • Plot
  • Writing sample
  • Interview with you
  • and more

The Review Package costs $75.

Approval is not guaranteed, nor is the cost refundable. However, you are guaranteed that I will provide an honest review along with suggestions for you going forward.


If approved, I then prepare a proposal that may include any or all of the following:

  • Formatting guidelines
  • Title Page Setup
  • Copyright Page instructions
  • Contents Page
  • Chapter design
  • Grammar guidelines
  • Spelling
  • Editing
  • and more

I am not a ghostwriter; but it is my job to encourage, guide, and help you. You do the writing and retain all rights to the book. The only fee you are charged is listed below.


The fee is payable in one of two ways:

One-Time payment of $125 upfront


Initial Fee of $62.50 prior to any work and $62.50 when work completed

To Schedule an online interview, Fill out form below.