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R. Frederick Riddle began his writing career at the age of 60, but he had desired to write since his teenage years. Growing up, serving in the Navy, and then working all were solid experiences, but they limited his ability to pursue his chosen career.

In addition, he had to learn the skill of writing on his own. There was very little help available that he could afford, so he learned the hard way. But in 2003 he broke through and published his first book, Refuge: The Genesis Chronicles (no longer in print).

This book and a second book were later merged into one complete novel with added material and published as Perished: The World That Was. It became the foundation of his series The World That Was.

Tess (aka, Teresa) Riddle desired to write from an early age. But work, marriage, and caring for the household kept here from following her dream. In 2020 her dream came true and she published her first book. Since then she has turned her attention to new books, which she is working on now.

T&R Independent Books was founded by Tess and R. Frederick in 2014. At that time only Mr. Riddle had books to sell, but they began looking forward to when she would become a published author. Today the bookstore markets both authors books.

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R. Frederick and Tess have blogs., Ron’s, was moved to the current site. While there is overlap, he is essentially starting over. Tess is new to blogging, so there are no blogs prior to 2022.

R. Frederick’s blog deals with literary issues, although he will occasionally deal with current events.

Tess Riddle’s blog deals with her journey to become an author and as an author. It will also allow her to share her own insights on writing.


T&R Independent Bookstore was founded in 2021. From the start it has been a discount store availing customers discount pricing on any of the book.

In 2022 the website moved to its new location and expanded its offerings. It now sells both print and digital products and plans to sell combinations of books.


PRBlog is the home of T&R Independent Books press releases. PR Blog enables us to communicate to the press about important events.

These press releases are a good way to research the company’s history. While not complete, it provides news from our earliest days until now.

In March of 2022 we announced our move to a new domain and a redesign of the site itself. In the future we expect to have more news regarding new books and services.

You can reach us at [email protected] for interviews and additional information.

We live in Port Charlotte, Florida and are active in our church, Tri-City Baptist of Port Charlotte. We moved here from Michigan in 2008 to care for my wife’s mother and took care of her until she died in 2013. She had Alzheimer disease and was under 24/7 care from mid 2009 until her death. Instead of returning to Michigan we chose to stay in Florida.

R. Frederick served in the U.S. Navy from 1964 to 1968 during the Vietnam War. After the war he worked for Western Electric and then Michigan Bell, which was part of Ameritech (now AT&T).

Tess worked for Profit Foods at Pontiac Motors, then as a clerk for Kelly Services, and finally as a secretary for Kmart International Headquarters.