Ministry Publishing

Do you have a book you want published?

Are You a Pastor, Evangelist, or Missionary?

Do you work in a Christian ministry, such as teacher or other position?

If you are an American or live in America and serving or have served the Lord in any of the above positions and you want to write a book (ministry or other), then take advantage of these prices now.

But before you do, let me tell you about Christian Authors Business Institute, a department of T&R Independent Books. T&R Independent Books is a book publisher solidly grounded in the Bible, God’s Holy Word. It is our business and our ministry to provide the opportunity for Christian servants like you to get your book published. To make that viable for you, we are offering this service at Introductory Pricing.

Full Pay is $1200 minus $50 full pay deduction, while Subscription is $100 a month for 12 months. Whichever one you choose, remember that I will personally be working with you to achieve what your dream happens to be.

Remember, your book can be ministry oriented or secular. The key is you must either have served or be in a ministry (pastor, evangelist, missionary, Christian High School teacher, Church choir, Church office, layman, etc.). If in doubt, ask me at Otherwise, select the proper button and let’s get started.