Becoming a Published Author is Fun

Becoming a published author is fun is a podcast produced for anyone who wants to become or is a published author.

Why does T&R Independent Bookstore offer this podcast?

The purpose of this podcast is to encourage and enable new writers to become published authors or already published authors to become better at what they do. I believe that when you are educated on the basics and more of writing, you will not only become a more successful author, but also a satisfied customer.

It is located at and is unique in that R. Frederick Riddle will be showcasing his books in the bookstore. Not only his books, but the books written by students and clients.

Whether purchasing books, courses, or client services, you get great prices, service, and support.

But we are more than a bookstore. We are an educational resource. The Basic Authors Training (B.A.T.) course is a twelve month long personal one-on-one writing, publishing, and marketing course. Graduates of our course are guarantied to be published by T&R Independent Books, with marketing through being placed in TR Bookstore, and featured in R. Frederick Riddle’s blog, post (including this podcast), and other marketing methods.

Ministry Publishing is off to a great start since it recently became available. Clients have already signed up and are in the process of preparing their books for publishing. This service is similar to Basic Authors Training (B.A.T.) but without the course.

Tess Riddle was the Co-Founder and President of T&R Independent Books and a published author when she passed away. I, R. Frederick Riddle am now the President, plus the Teacher, Editor, and Publisher.

This podcast will feature in the future information about books that are published along with insights derived from them. Plus, it is planned to also include interviews with authors, such as graduates and perhaps others.

Listen, Like, and Subscribe to the podcasts. Until next time this is R. Frederick Riddle.

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