Christian Writer’s Journal


Christian Writer’s Journal is a game changer!

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Christian Writer’s Journal is a game changer!

Do you get ideas for your books and scribble them on scraps of paper or napkins to be copied into your computer later? I have and then sometimes I have lost the paper. Here is a better way.

Open your Christian Writer’s Journal, circle a topic at the top or write in another, then write your ideas or thoughts. It is preserved in a book that can be carried in a woman’s purse or in a glove compartment or just about anywhere (it is only 5.5×8.5 in size).

Topics in the heading of each page are:

  • Cliches – Details – maps/floor plans – outlines – story ideas – Other
  • Just circle the topic or write one in at the top of the page

Additional topics are:

  • borrowed or stolen dialogue and dialect
  • general notes
  • ironies
  • observations
  • situations
  • song lyrics
  • and more



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Weight .141 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 0.51 × 9 in


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