Perished: The World That Was (digital)

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R. Frederick Riddle’s Perished: The World That Was novel is the first book and basis for the World That Was series


perished-the-world-that-was digital edition

perished: the World That Was (epub)

The book begins in Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” In fact, it begins just prior to the verse when we see the angels in Heaven as God begins His creative acts. The reader meets Michael, Gabriel, and Lucifer as they witness the beginning.

Then there is the City of God itself with its streets of paved gold, gates of jewels, and empty mansions. It is a beautiful yet mystifying city. But it is God’s creation of Earth and later man that captures the angels attention.

This book is the first book of the World That Was series and it brings the world God created into our presence. We see, hear, and feel the men and women, even the angels themselves, as they move through the pages. We meet men with the same name but of entirely different character, usually one from the of Seth and the other from the line of Cain.

It is the story of men and of mankind where the darkness of time is pealed back so that the reader gets to understand the people, the times, and the acts. It tells the story behind the story!


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