The Best of Tess


The Best of Tess is a tribute to her brief but astonishing career as an author.

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The Best of Tess is a tribute to her brief but astonishing career as an author.

Tess republished a novel under a new title, plus wrote and published three more books in 2022. In addition, she was working on a fourth devotional when she went into the hospital in December of that year. To demonstrate the difference between Tess (a novice) and her husband (an experienced author), he wrote and published his first book in a period covering three years, plus it took another two years for his second novel. Now he can write and publish several books in one year, but Teresa accomplished that benchmark in one year!

The Best of Tess not only includes her three Ladies Devotionals, but her unfinished and unpublished fourth devotional. That fourth devotional dealt with her battle with cancer. She went through cancer treatment in 2018 & 2019, which involved heavy radiation and chemotherapy. In 2022, she was again diagnosed with cancer and had one treatment just before going into the hospital for a related cause, but not cancer.

The story of her experiences in the hospital and beyond is told in the postscript of her last book told in the words of R. Frederick Riddle, her husband of 41 years. Told with love and compassion, it enables you, the reader, to see the Riddle’s at their best in their worst moments.

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