What’s True About God’s Providence

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What’s True About God’s Providence is more than a doctrinal study of the subject.

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What’s True About God’s Providence is more than a doctrinal study of the subject. While source material used is of academic level, the author also uses true life stories to illustrate God’s Providence.
This book begins with a doctrinal study, and then tells two illustrative stories. The first is a look at Hurricane Ian, which is the subject of the book Hurricane Ian Winds of Providence & Provision. Here, in reduced form, the story is told.
The second story is a look at the author’s wife, her battle with cancer, her hospital experience, hospice, and death. This story is found in The Best of Tess, coming out in late September 2023. Throughout you discover the Providence of God working in her and her husband’s life.
The author comments on this book, saying, “It is real and it is personal.”

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