R. Frederick Riddle

R. Frederick Riddle

My first novel was Refuge: The Genesis Chronicles which is no longer in print, but it found its way into Perished: The World That Was. Here is a list of my interests:

  • Christian Historical fiction
  • Christian Mystery (coming soon)
  • Christian Nonfiction
  • Secular Nonfiction
  • R Frederick Riddle’s Blog

The series The World That Was, which consists of Perished: The World That Was, the World of Noah and the Ark, the World of Shem, the World of Abraham, the World of Jacob, and the World of Joseph. In addition, I am working on a historical series based on the life of Moses, plus another novel about Daniel.

I currently am working on a mystery novel that may also lead to a series. This is a novel taking place in the near future.

I am also writing books in the nonfiction arena. Christian nonfiction is primarily in the series What’s True About and already has one book called What’s True About Christmas. Another book to come out soon is What’s True About Easter.

Secular nonfiction got started with his book The Facts About the Insurrection, which looked at the definition of insurrection, whether January 6, 2021 was an insurrection or not, plus other topics including FBI involvement.

My blog, which is featured on our website, is primarily aimed at writing. It covers a variety of ‘how to’ subjects plus discussions about both my wife and my books. In addition, I comment on people and events of the news.