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Ron’s Blog – Going Blog to Vlog

Blog to Vlog is my subject today. I have been writing a blog for a long time now and enjoy doing it. But the time has come for a change. However, the change won’t be complete. Let me explain.

The Blog to Vlog will include the blog.

What this means is that I will have a Youtube Vlog (video blog) called ‘Becoming a Published Author is Fun’ that will be posted on YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. But I will also continue posting a blog that may or may not include a related YouTube Vlog. For instance, this Blog has a video attached that speaks on the same subject but with a different perspective.

This is probably the way I will go.

What is a Vlog?

Essentially it is a video blog. The way I plan to use it is to speak to a larger audience about subjects that will also be in the blog. But it won’t be the same content. For one thing, I will be using a whiteboard and will probably be teaching. In the Blog I will be writing out my content. It will be specifically aimed at writers, whereas the Vlog may be wider.

When Does the Blog to Vlog move take place?


Are There Other Changes related to Blog to Vlog?

In the Vlog there is an introduction and explanation of its future. As for the Blog it will probably be about 400 to 600 words. It will continue to be focused on writing with some publishing and marketing, but the Vlog will be more focused on publishing and marketing.

Won’t Going Blog to Vlog Be More Work?

Yes, but think I can manage it. The Vlog will be hosted on Youtube which means I can schedule the sessions. Of course, it will then provide me with the content direction I will need for the Blog.

Will This Be Like a Podcast?

No. Here are the differences between a Vlog and a Podcast.

  • The content of a podcast can be in video, audio, or both formats, whereas the content of a vlog can only be in video format.
  • You can change a vlog into a podcast, but you can’t change a podcast into a vlog.
  • Starting a podcast costs less compared to starting a vlog. However, I don’t expect any associated costs except for promotion.
  • Editing a podcast subsequently takes less time compared to editing a vlog.
  • Vlogs have a bigger audience compared to podcasts, so it is better to start a blend of both for maximum reach.

I have no plans to start a podcast. However, the Vlog will be in conjunction with this blog. Hopefully, they will often touch on the same subject but with a different perspective.

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