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Stepping Out on Faith part 2

In my last blog I promised to talk more about Stepping Out on Faith. In particular, God’s plan for you.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that I know God’s plan for everything in your life. But I do know that God loves you and wants to bless you. So, let’s explore stepping out on faith.

Being an Author is Not Stepping Out on Faith

Sorry. But we are working on the assumption that God called you and equipped you to be an author. So, deciding to write in my opinion is more responding to and obeying God’s Call.

That said, there are elements here that require us to step out on faith.

Taking Steps to Become an Author is Stepping Out on Faith


Now wait a minute, you just said…

You didn’t know that I could read minds, did you? It’s not so difficult. It sounds like I am contradicting myself.

There is a fine line here. On the one hand, I am talking about responding to God’s call and acknowledging you are called to be a writer. On the other hand, I am talking about overcoming whatever fears you have and moving forward.

This can involve starting to write, taking a writing course, or a hundred other actions or steps. There is always that first step.

Why a Writing Course?

You caught that. Well, for one thing you need know-how. It is true that God equips you, and it is also true that He uses training. Take the Apostles. Jesus called them, but then what did He do? He trained them.

When I say God equips you, I am not saying you are ready to write the great American novel. I am referring to the fact He has placed within you certain gifts, one of which is the gift of writing. But it needs to be enabled.

There are basically two schools you can attend. One, the most common, is the School of Hard Knocks. I have talked about this school in the past. It is extremely hard, frustrating, and ultimately expensive. And there are no guarantees.

That is the school I went to and many other authors as well. You might say, that proves you can succeed.

I will give you that. But it took me years of failure to finally graduate. Others may have taken less time, but they still had to learn through trial and error. Which, by the way, is another good name for this school.

And don’t forget this, there are thousands of men and women wanting to be authors, just like you.

Taking Basic Authors Training is Stepping Out on Faith.

Every time you go on Facebook or some other social media you come across an ad promising you can turn out a best seller by taking their course. The problem is that they can’t really promise a bestseller. They can, however, teach you their formula for success. The rest is a gamble because you are going against thousands of other writers.

Stepping Out in Faith and Taking This Course Has a Guaranty

Whether you are evaluating Basic Authors Training or some other course, you need to take a deeper look. These ads often show you their bank account and the thousands of dollars in it. How do you know it is real? Even if true, are the books something you can be proud of writing?

There are all sorts of questions to ask. But let me tell you what I believe is more important.

I have authored over 14 books (9 fiction and 5 nonfiction). I have enabled others to write. In other words, I have a pattern of success.

Another fact is that I can guarantee you that your book will be finished if you complete the course and use the tools I have given you to write your book. How can I guarantee that?

Simple. I am also a publisher. And I am looking for someone like you that I can publish and market. If you meet my criteria at the end of the course, I will offer you a publishing contract with no out-of-pocket expense for you. Instead of you paying hundreds of dollars to have the book published, I am paid through each sale of the book.

My first book cost me $400 to have published; nowadays it would be more like $800 or more. I received no training and the tools had to be purchased as well.

But Basic Authors Training includes all of that and upon completion a publishing package that provides you, a beginning author, with up to 70% of RRP (recommended retail price), while traditional publishers start out at 10%.

Traditional publishers may provide you an advance (which you have to repay through book sales), but that is an illusion. Higher percentage royalty rate is much better.

For more on this subject, see below.

T&R Independent Books brings you this blog post to keep you informed on the issues of today. Authors need to stay informed so that they can relate to their readers facts as well as entertain them with their imagination.

Basic Authors Training is a Basic Writing Course that explains and guides you into becoming an author. Powered by video along with PDFs, Coaching, and your own publishing package, you learn the basics of writing and publishing. Your class begins as soon as your payment clears.

Did God call you to write? If so, then you can contact me at or use the contact form on the website.


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