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Stepping Out on Faith

Stepping out on faith occurs when a person who is called of God to do, perform, or accomplish something makes a commitment to obey. But obedience requires faith, thus you take a step of faith.

Stepping out on faith in what?

This begins with salvation. When you asked Jesus into your heart it was a step of faith. You believed the Gospel, trusted Christ, and asked Him into your heart. Some people think that is the end, but it is the beginning of your walk with Jesus.

Stepping out on faith is taking one step at a time

When I asked Jesus into my heart in 1973, it was a step of faith. I believed Jesus died for me in my place and suffered all the hell meant for me. But salvation brought a new heart, a new relationship, and a new walk.

And I quickly learned that I was now in a war. My flesh, which had controlled my life completely until I received Christ, now had a fight on its hands. In the past, the devil and the flesh were co-conspirators. But God doesn’t share with the devil. He kicked the devil to the curb and sought a personal relationship with me. Thus began my journey with God.

So, How Does Stepping Out on Faith Work

Stepping out on faith is not a matter of work, but of trusting God. You trusted God when you asked Jesus into your heart. Well, making everyday decisions is also a matter of trusting Jesus.

I wish I could say that I have always trusted God since my salvation. Unfortunately, there have been many fails. Like I said earlier, I am in a war and the flesh knows every thought, every decision, and every weakness that I have. And, though the devil cannot read my thoughts, he can read body language, which my flesh is only too willing to display.

So, Why Should I Want to Step Out on Faith

I will grant you that the picture painted so far is not very alluring. The devil wants to undermine you and is willing to attack you wherever you are, including your writing career. But while you have an enemy in the devil, God is on your side. The devil whispers that he hopes will derail you. But remember that God is on your side, He knows everything you need and everything that the devil promises. He knows the weaknesses of Satan and how best to equip you for the fight. God has a plan for you. In the next blog, I will discus that plan and how God enables you to become victorious.

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