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An Invitation To Be Your Best part 2

Author R. Frederick Riddle

An Invitation To Be Your Best part 2 continues the concept of being your best, especially as an author.

In the year 2000, we were living in an a-frame house in Pontiac, Michigan. My frustration had grown, and my motivation to be a successful author was fading. It was my habit to use the upstairs for my office and for my daily devotions. On this day I was in my daily devotions reading Genesis 6:1-22, an eyewitness account of the Flood.

The Call of God was My Invitation to be My Best

Suddenly a thought flashed through my mind. There is a story here!

Was it God’s voice or just a random thought? It was God pointing me in the direction He wanted me to go. It was God’s call on my life!

I realized God gave us all the facts we needed to know about sin, Noah, and the Flood. He is not in the business of entertaining, but of teaching us about our need for Jesus, our Savior. The facts were all there, but it was more like a skeleton. I could write a novel about the story behind the story, thus adding flesh to the skeleton. That realization changed my life!

As time went on, He gave me other evidences of His call, such as Psalms 71:18.

Immediately, I began writing what would become my first novel, Refuge: The Genesis Chronicles. Now, some 23 years later, I have written 14 books, including fiction and nonfiction.

The Invitation Continued

But that is not the end of the story. God had been working on me ever since my salvation date. He wanted all of me. That means He had to scrub all the dirt off me, teach me to depend on Him, and serve Him. This led to Teresa and me founding T&R Independent Books in 2014. The purpose was to publish all my books, and later her books as well. It was a journey that I am still traveling.

As a side note, Teresa wrote a novel, and 3 devotionals in 2022! Then, on February 19, 2023, she passed away in her sleep, and awoke in Heaven. It left me broken, but God sent people into my life to comfort me and enable me to move forward. This was an example of God’s love shining through His people.

That is just one facet of God’s love. He doesn’t want me to wallow in my grief. He still has the same plan for my life as He has always had. The journey is not over, but continuing.

The Invitation to Call Others to be Their Best

God gave me the idea of starting a course in 2022. I began working on it until Teresa went into the hospital. After she passed, God opened doors for me to resume working on the course. I knew instinctively that He wanted me to get the course set up and going. He also enabled me to take a course that would better equip me.

Helping others to be their best is an exciting quest. I dare say it is more exciting than seeing my name in print as an author. I liken it to when I was a Sunday School Teacher. Teaching Bible truths to 5th and 6th graders was indeed exciting, and now I experience that same excitement.

Are You Answering the Call to be Your Best

Each of us must answer that question for ourselves. Others cannot answer for us. I am glad I had the opportunity to take a course that caused me to take a deeper look at myself. It has caused me to take a bolder, more assertive view of my own life, which then enables me to do more for others. This is not a paid advertisement, but you might want to check out Gordon Duncan’s Capitalize Your Best.

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