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A Thanksgiving Wish

A Thanksgiving Wish for You

As we approach Thanksgiving and the Christmas season, families generally anticipate shopping. Especially shopping for their children.

Or if you don’t have children, you might be shopping for the extended family, or for friends, or just between spouses.

In any case, shopping tends to take front state. Now, you might think it strange that I, a seller of books, plus a writing course, and a publishing service, would not be on the bandwagon. Well, if you have seen my posts of Facebook, you know I am selling. In fact, I jumped into the Deals market with both feet and offer potential buyers a 25% discount storewide!

But as a Christian I thing there should be more.

My Thanksgiving Wish for You is That You Find Time for God.

You have legitimate needs that need to be taken care of; or you have children or other relatives that you need to buy presents for and you don’t have much time. But may I encourage you to take 10 – 15 – 20 minutes or more and truly offer up your thanks to God the Father.

I won’t go into all the things you owe God for what He has done in your life. But I do encourage you to take a look at the last year and list the blessings. When I do that, I see that God has blessed me beyond measure.

If I pause and consider my wife’s passing, I find reasons for Thanking God even there. She passed in her sleep with a smile on her lips, the last words she spoke to me were, “I love you!”, and she was spared another battle with cancer. It was painful for me, yes. But when I look at those positive things, realizing only a miracle could have changed the outcome, I am overwhelmed with what God gave us in the last 2 months of her life. I now have memories, precious memories for the rest of my life.

I am not wishing you to lose anyone, but I am praying that you will treasure the loved ones you have by your side, and that you get at least a glimpse of God’s providential care for you.

The Times We are In

We live in precarious times. From a biblical standpoint many of us believe we are in the End Times. But whether we are or not is not the issue. The issue is that God deserves our lives, our thanks, and our obedience.

Let’s render to God all we are and have. That means our lives, our hopes, our fears, and our possessions. But mostly it means our hearts!

My Thanksgiving Wish for Our Nation

Wouldn’t it be nice if our politicians “would just get along.” Usually people who say that mean get along by agreeing with me. But it would be nice if the could work together.

Do you remember 911? One of the things I remember is that for too brief a time our nation was united. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents were united in prayer and determination. It was beautiful!

One wish I have is that they will learn to work together again. I am not talking about loving one another, although that would be a great start. I am talking putting our nation ahead of our petty desires, and putting God first in everything! Being thankful and acting accordingly!

My Wish for You

I don’t know the vast majority of you, but I truly wish that this Thanksgiving you will have plenty of food to eat, that your favorite football team will win (as long as it’s the Detroit Lions), that you will have great health, that you might make new friendships along the way, and that you will remember and have a reserved a special place in your heart for Jesus!


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Why do You Want to be a Published Author?

Why do you want to be a Published author?

That is a good question, and I have 3 answers.

1 – Why do I Write?

I write because I love to write. I was once told my writing is only a hobby, not a business.

The hobby part may have some merit, but it has never been a hobby. A hobby is defined as: Hobbies are usually, but not always, practiced primarily for interest and enjoyment, rather than financial reward. Hobbies sometimes become careers, but they can change, be dropped, etc.

But while there is similarities, the truth is that for me writing is a calling. God called me to write and it requires more dedication than a hobby.

2 – Why do I do my own marketing?

While I love writing and have some talent in that area, marketing didn’t come naturally to me. But I have dedicated myself to marketing because my writing is a calling, and the marketing aspect comes with that calling.

Unfortunately, for a long time I didn’t have a coach or mentor. I self-taught myself a lot, but I couldn’t quite put it all together. Since 2022, that has changed and I am now experiencing my best years ever.

3 – Why do you use Social Media?

This is more complicated. I know there are some bad people on Facebook, but I believe there are some good people on Facebook, as well. These people can benefit from my products. For example,

A – Christian fiction books are based on actual people and events in the Bible. While I write the fictional story behind the story, they also relate the Biblical accounts. All of which means my readers can be entertained and taught at the same time.

B – Christian nonfiction books take sometimes complex issues or doctrines and reduce them or simplify them for easier understanding. I often say they are written by a simple man for simple men.

C – Writing course known as Basic Authors Training, which brings me much joy because it gives me the opportunity to help others become published authors.

D – Ministry Publishing enables me to be part of other people’s ministry or success, and enable them to have their books published.

In Conclusion.

T&R Independent Books brings you this blog post to keep you informed on the issues of today. Authors need to stay informed so that they can relate to their readers facts as well as entertain them with their imagination.

Basic Authors Training is a Basic Writing Course that explains and guides you into becoming an author. Powered by video along with PDFs and Live Coaching you learn the basics of writing, publishing, and marketing.


Don’t forget to comment below. We are always interested in your opinions. And to make sure you get our blogs, simply check the box that says, Notify me of new posts via email.

Company information:

T&R Independent Bookstore is a division of T&R Independent Books founded in 2014 by R. Frederick and Tess Riddle. Ministry Publishing, is both a service and an exciting outreach to the Christian Community.

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Blog by Ron – Should I Podcast?

Should I podcast is a question I am exploring right now. I have friends who either podcast or soon will be. But should I?

That is not an easy question to answer. Let’s take a few minutes and explore this question.

Should I Podcast Considering My Past Endeavors?

This is actually an argument in favor of podcasting. I used to have a show in talk radio that I hosted weekly. My studio was online, while I worked from my home. Every week for about two or three years I hosted the show.

My wife, being an unbiased soul, thought I did a good job and was getting better. Unbiased support is always welcome.

Should I Podcast Considering That I Eventually Quit?

Again, this is actually a positive question. I shut down the show because our finances were tight and my wife had cancer. It was a decision made due to circumstances we couldn’t control.

But she passed away earlier in 2023 (not of cancer), so I am alone. Which means I no longer have a live-in critique; a person who would point out areas where I could improve, or to compliment me. Having her back me like that meant more to me than I realized.

On the other hand, being alone brings more free time, or so I am told. In any case, I should have more time.

Did I Enjoy Podcasting?

Yes, I did. I do a weekly blog now which I enjoy, but being in front of a mike has a certain appeal. That show was strictly radio, but if I choose to do podcasting, it will probably be video, and I have found that I enjoy video.

The more I use video the more comfortable I become and the more knowledge I acquire.

This is a harder question. As far as the technical requirements are concerned, I think I can handle that issue. Probably require a learning curve, but given time I think I can do it.

Cost is another factor. But the host I have for my business provides within its site the necessary tools. Most are included in the overall website payment.

So, the real question is probably am I willing to make the commitment to it that is probably required? And I don’t have the answer to that question yet. It is going to take prayer and perhaps seeking other’s insights. Then, I will need to sit down, and make the decision, because if I do get in it, I will want to go in fully.

Today that service is available now. Simply click on the link and you can get started now: Writing – T&R Independent Bookstore (

To visit our bookstore, go to TR Bookstore and look around. You’ll find books by my late wife Tess, plus books by me, including Hurricane Ian Winds of Providence & Provision.

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Blog by Ron – Ministry Publishing

Ministry Publishing is a new venture that I am personally and professionally excited about. Over the years I have noticed that evangelists must carry a ton of their books with them or have them shipped to a church they will be in to preach.

I have also personally seen a pastor have to buy 5,000 copies of his book and store them (usually at the church).

Times have Changed

The need to carry with them books or have books shipped ahead is still common practice. Hopefully they don’t have to order a minimum number of books.

Times have changed with the advent of print on demand. I believe that pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and those in Christian Education should be able to benefit from print on demand technology.

To a small extent, they do benefit. But it is the same benefit that the rest of us get. Shouldn’t men of God get a better benefit?

Enter Ministry Publishing

Ministry Publishing is just that. It is a service that is provided to men in the ministry as pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and Christian teachers. It is also a ministry to women who minister to women and children.

It is a ministry that publishes books. For a small fee (compared to other publishers) Ministry Services will provide editing, proofing, formatting, just about any service you can think of, plus publish the book.

In addition, at no extra cost to the customer, we do offer marketing that pays for itself. The cost of marketing is included in the book’s retail price, thus offsetting the printing cost.

Ministry Publishing Helps the Ministry

In my experience, evangelists most often support their ministry by selling their books. This is a time-honored tradition. But it also represents a major financial burden to buy many books, store them, and transport them. The profits they receive go to the ministry to pay for the travel expenses, housing, and much more.

Because the marketing cost is included in the purchase price, it results in no out-of-pocket costs to the evangelist. Most publishers that I am aware of charge a marketing fee and sometimes require a minimum purchase. But by having a per book price that is included in the base cost, the ministry can order as many or as few as needed.

That is the benefit for evangelists, but for ministers of the gospel it helps them in a slightly different way. With all the costs included in a per book basis the pastor or his church are not dealt a devastating blow.

For example, if a pastor hires Ministry Publishing to publish his book, the upfront cost is $500 (or $83.33 per month for 6 months), no matter how many pages long it is. The pastor’s book is published and the pastor orders 10 copies (number varies depending on pastor’s needs or plans). Let’s say the basic cost is printing plus T&R publishing fee is $4.85. At 10 copies, the pastor would pay $48.50. The pastor sets a retail of $12.99 for the book and sells all 10 for $129.90. His per book profit would be $12.99-4.85=$8.14 per book or a net profit of $81.40 for all 10.

Or the pastor might give them away with a total cost of $48.50.

Either way, the pastor has accomplished his goal and either reaped a profit for the ministry, or expended a small amount of money on the project. The customer has been in control for the whole process.

if you want to know how to learn to be an author, you should visit my article titled Whats-the-Truth-about-Best-Sellers.

To visit our bookstore, go to TR Bookstore and look around. You’ll find books by my late wife Tess, plus books by me, including Hurricane Ian Winds of Providence & Provision.

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Blog by Ron – The Best of Tess

The Best of Tess is a book that I have written in honor my late wife, Tess Riddle. To most people she was known as Teresa, but to her fans she was known as Tess.

The Best of Tess is a Testimony

Tess wrote three Ladies Devotionals, all of which are in the book. They have been moderately edited to present a unified appearance.

These devotionals were all published in 2022. Not only that, but she also republished a novel with a different title, cover, and update text. I marvel that she got so much done in one year, yet she was a novice as a writer.

The Book was a work of Love

Teresa and I were married for 41 years. That is not a record, but in this day and age it is an accomplishment. On her last night, she woke up between 2:00 and 3:00 am needing to use the restroom. I put her in her wheelchair and took her to it. Afterwards I took her back to the couch where she had been sleeping because it was more comfortable than the bed. As I went back to my bed, she called out, “I love you!”

I responded, “I love you, also.”

That was the last words we ever spoke to one another and they have been a blessing and an encouragement to me ever since.

It wasn’t long before I decided to write this book. I am pleased that it is now written.

The Best of Tess is Unique

You might wonder why I say that. It is unique because I have included the unfinished and unpublished fourth devotional. In this devotional she goes into detail about her battle with cancer. But it was never finished because a related issue occurred that put her into the hospital.

Not only that, but I added a postscript to that last book that included the story of her final battle. Not with cancer, but with a deadly infection caused by radiation.

Tess’s Last Days

From December 19th to February 19th Teresa had an incredible journey. It would spoil it to tell the details. But there were trials and blessings. We grew closer over this period time in which we thought she was getting better.

The Best of Tess is on Sale

Not only is the book on sale because it is just being release, but it is on sale because later this month (September 2023) we will be celebrating her life in a Memorial Service. It will be at 2:00 pm on September 30, and will be live streamed for those who can’t make it.

The retail price is $14.99, but it is on sale for $8.85, a 41% discount. That discount matches the number of years we were married.

To get your copy at retail, simply go to:

.To visit our bookstore and get your copy on sale, go to TR Bookstore and look around. You’ll find books by my late wife Tess, plus books by me, including Hurricane Ian Winds of Providence & Provision.

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Blog by Ron – Wrapping It Up

Wrapping it Up is the title of this blog, because for the past week I have been showing you some unique reasons why you should choose to go with Basic Authors Training for your Christian fiction or nonfiction book. I have opened my heart to you and shown you not only what I offer, but why.

Wrapping it Up with the Call of God.

I know what it is like to be called of God to do something. There is one thing, one truth I have learned: When God calls He equips. Focus on that for a moment. We Christians are a called out assembly (what church means). God didn’t just save us, He called us to serve Him. He has gifted us to make the church stronger, but it also benefits the gifted if he or she uses the gift right.

He also opens and closes doors as He guides you along. Basic Authors Training is a door. I believe it is a door He has opened for you, but that is not my decision. It is yours, which is why I have consistently provided you with an opportunity that can help you decide which kind of door it is. An opportunity that awaits you at the other end of the link provided.

Wrapping it Up with the Dirty Little Secret

The dirty little secret about being an author is that the author does most of the marketing (unless he or she is a celebrity). But I determined that I would help my students out in a multifaceted manner.

Here are the ways I help:

  • The book is carried in the T&R Bookstore.
  • It will be featured as soon as possible after publishing.
  • It will be featured on a rotating basis with other books.
  • The book will be featured in my marketing posts.
  • It will be featured in my blog at least once.
  • The author will be interviewed for the blog.
  • The author will have a marketing page set up for their use.
  • The author will have access to the T&R Tool Chest that includes course tools, posts on writing, posts on publishing, and posts on marketing.
  • Plus other tools that I may design.
  • The student will continue getting marketing coaching for at least 4 weeks.

How can T&R Independent Books Do All of That?

It is not easy. But I believe that there are at least two reasons why I should do all of that.

Reason #1 – You Deserve It.

You invested your money, time, and energy into learning how to write. You stuck it out and finished the course. You completed your manuscript. That in itself is enough to justify saying you deserve it.

Reason #2 – I Deserve it.

I invested my time, knowledge, and effort into teaching, coaching, and downright pushing you to succeed. Seeing you get published and have a fighting chance in the marketing world will thrill me beyond measure.

Bonus Reason – The World Deserves it.

You have written a Christian fiction or nonfiction book reflecting the Christian worldview. Whether you included the gospel or not, your book is Christian in nature and presents to the world another way of living, working, or playing. More than deserving it, they need it.

What Does That Mean?

We live in what is fast becoming a non-Christian world. While I still look at America as Christian, it is on a headlong rush the other way. Christian authors can make a difference. Bible studies, Devotionals, Bible-based novels, and other novels with a Christian worldview are needed to influence people.

Many people in America are looking for something that they don’t know. That something is for filling a huge hole. God created man to know Him, but man is in rebellion. Man is constantly trying to fill that hole with sex, sports, movies, alcohol, drugs, and whatever they can find. But only God can fill that hole.

And it is through Christian writings that most people learn about Him.

Why do I say that?

Because people either don’t attend church or the churches they do attend don’t preach the gospel. We authors must step up and fill that hole at least until the churches and their pastors wake up.

Wrapping it Up with An Opportunity That Demands Action

I have poured a lot of effort into making this opportunity something that excites you, encourages you, and equips you. I guarantee you I will do my very best to make this opportunity a forever opportunity.

But I cannot guarantee that it will be forever available. The time to decide is now! That is why I encourage you to click on the link provided, to watch the video, to read the text, to pray over it, and then do what the Lord wants you to do!

Wrapping it Up Pound for Pound.

I have been honest and transparent, plus I have offered you benefits and advantages that are pound for pound better than anything out there. Nobody can promise you a bestseller (honestly, unless in a particular niche), but I can promise you that I will do everything within my power, knowledge, and ability to make you the best author you can be. And if the best author you can be, then your book is going to be the best it can be!

I mentioned earlier that we must step up and fill the gap that modern churches are leaving. That should motivate you and me to be the absolute best author we can be.

I often say in my videos that I am In It to Win It. This is your opportunity to shout out, “I’m In It to Win It!”

if you want to know more and get started now, you should visit my article titled Whats-the-Truth-about-Best-Sellers.

To visit our bookstore, go to TR Bookstore and look around. You’ll find books by my late wife Tess, plus books by me, including Hurrican Ian Winds of Providence & Provision.

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Blog by Ron – Writing About Current Events

Writing about current events is a good subject matter for authors. Because our news media has drifted away from reporting the news and now include their own bias, the door has been opened for authors to write more about current events than may have been the norm.

Writing About Current Events by News Media

It varies according to the subject matter, but my statement about bias reporting as referred I referred to previously is a correct assessment. I have been around long enough to remember when the opinions were relegated to the Opinion Page. But that is no longer true. Now the reporter includes his or her opinion ass though it was fact, which explains the current lack of knowledge about events, people, and places.

It is a shame that reporting of the news has slipped to such a low standard, but for authors it is a major open door.

Writing About Current Events is the Basis of Many Successful Books

Basically, an author writes about historical events, current events, or future events. Which means that Current Events is a topic we are not only knowledgeable about, but often write about.

The news media has opened a door that we already had a foot inside. You could say it is our forte. At least the forte of some writers.

I call today’s reporting, Bias Reporting. Whereas in the past reporting focused on the facts, today the focus is on bias. Facts are only used if they agree with the bias. This, in turn, puts news reporting on the same level as fictional writing. Both are stories based on some facts and a lot of imagination.

For hundreds of years writers have been taking either historical or current events and developing successful novels or nonfiction stories. It is what we do. And based on history, we have done quite well. In fact, we’ve done a better job of it than the reporters.

So, if you are planning to write a book, don’t be afraid to tackle current events. You can take a current event and develop a mystery, an adventure story, or just about anything your imagination can stir up.

Let Your Imagination Soar

Because you are an author with a lively imagination you can take a current event and take it into the future or explore the past leading up to the event. This is equivalent to reporting at this stage. But then you can take it further’

Writing About Current Events has its Risks

Current events as a subject matter has some risks, such as losing consumer interest quickly. When I was writing Hurricane Ian Winds of Providence and Provision, I was writing about a current event. But I was aware that the window of interest was narrow.

I had two things working in my favor.

One was that the storm was in the news daily, which created interest. If I could get published quickly, I could tap into that interest.

Secondly, it had historical significance which would help sustain the story’s appeal.

A third plus was that it was the personal story of a family as told in their own words.

Anniversary Sale

Since I used the story to emphasize my blog’s point, it seemed good to me to provide people with another opportunity to read this inspiring story. A story that was greater than Charlotte County, and greater than Florida. It inspired people throughout the United States.

Therefore, Hurricane Ian Winds of Providence and Provision is on sale through the remainder of hurricane season and ending on October 1, 2023.

Normally $18.43, it is now $16.80, a 9% discount. But it is over October 1st.

Click on Hurricane Ian Sale and get your copy today.

To visit our bookstore, go to TR Bookstore and look around. You’ll find books by my late wife Tess, plus books by me, including Hurricane Ian Winds of Providence & Provision.

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Blog by Ron – Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season is upon us. Not only that but we are closing in on the worst storm to ever hit Florida. I am talking about Hurricane Ian, a category 5 storm that devastated southwestern Florida, destroyed businesses, leveled homes, and destroyed all the possessions that some people had. Moreover, it killed.

But September 28, 2022, will also be remembered because of an inspiring story that came out of its destructive power. This story is not only inspiring but true.

Hurricane Season is always Traumatic

Hurricanes are mindless, destructive forces that nature unleashes upon the world every year. Here in Florida it makes its presence known from June 1 through November 30th. But come the  latter part of the season and the storms become worse. On September 27th many people, including myself, evacuated because of the coming storm.

But Pastor Jay Sheppard and his family were prepared. They lived along the Peace River in Arcadia, Florida. As they prepared for the storm, their primary concern was for the church that increasingly looked like it would be in the path of the storm.

But the Sheppard’s had a plan. The storm, if it came, would likely come up the Peace River, so they prepared for that possibility. Pastor Jay and his sons worked hard securing anything that looked like it could be impacted, including the roof. They also had a plan B which included evacuation to a safer house not too far away.

It looked like they were ready.

They were wrong!

An Unexpected Surprise in Hurricane Season

The storm drove north along Florida’s southwest coast wreaking havoc and causing damage that would take months, possibly years, to recover. As the cone shifted eastward, it brough Charlotte Harbor into its sights. The storm landed on

Cayo Costa Island about 12 miles west of Cape Coral.

The storm’s path had changed over a brief span of a few days. This was not a great surprise, but it’s intensity and destructive power were surprises. It would soon turn northeast and follow the Peace River, beginning in Charlotte Harbor.

Still, there was no real surprise. Hurricanes were known to change course and to go inland. In my wife and mine experience it seemed normal for the storm to follow the path it was taken.

But then came the surprise. Hurricane Ian acted like it had intelligence. And its Plan was diabolical. While we were focused on the eastern edge of the storm, it unleased a flash flood from the north!

No one had anticipated that, including the Sheppard family. They were literally ambushed as the flash flood came right at them with overwhelming force, wind, and water.

They would end up losing the house, though the structure survived, and virtually all their possessions. But God stepped in and miracle after miracle took place. In the book, the story is told in the words of Pastor Jay and members of his family, as well as others. It is highly personal, but it is much more.

You get a picture of God’s Providence at work.

Anniversary Sale

Now that we are again in hurricane season, it seemed good to me to provide people with another opportunity to read this inspiring story. A story that was greater than Charlotte County, and greater that Florida. It inspired people throughout the United States.

Therefore, Hurricane Ian Winds of Providence and Provision is on sale through the remainder of hurricane season and ending on October 1, 2023.

Normally $18.43, it is now $16.80, a 9% discount. But it is over October 1st.

Click on Hurricane Ian Sale and get your copy today.

To visit our bookstore, go to TR Bookstore and look around. You’ll find books by my late wife Tess, plus books by me, including Hurrican Ian Winds of Providence & Provision.

Want to be be a published author, but don’t know how? Check Best Sellers.

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Blog by Ron – Getting Published

Getting Published should not hurt, but if you are not careful you can get hurt big time. In posts and past blogs, I have shared much of my story. When I wrote my first book, I needed an author. So, I set out to find what I needed.

I didn’t have any idea of what publishing and marketing would entail. But I did understand that publishers, especially traditional publishers, were increasingly wanting authors to have a book agent. Someone who could represent the author and be a trustworthy connection for the publisher.

It was not always that way. There was a time when you wrote a manuscript, mailed it to a publisher, and, if approved, it was eventually published. Back then there were no agents. Just the publisher and the author.

Of course, it was also true back then that almost all of the marketing was done by the author, and they did this without benefit of the internet. From those days these publishing houses grew into the mighty Traditional Publishers of today.

Getting Published the Traditional Way

By the time I came into the picture there were two types of publishing houses, the Traditional and the Self-Publishing. At that time, I knew a little about the traditional, and very little about Self-Publishing.

I knew that there were some rather big publishing houses that handled virtually all the best well-known authors. I also knew they paid royalties, that authors often had long lines at book signings, and, apparently, made a lot of money.

Armed with this knowledge, I began looking for an agent. I knew it might take time, but I was also confident that I could find the right agent for my book. The book itself was called, Refuge: The Genesis Chronicles, which fit into historical fiction. In fact, it was in multiple genres such as historical, Biblical, and Adventure.

As I began searching for an agent I focused on historical fiction. This helped me narrow the number of agents that I would need to find and submit my book to for their inspection.


Time went by as I searched diligently. Then came the day when I struck gold. I found the right agent. I submitted my book and a few weeks later received a reply. Eagerly I opened the letter, and my spirit immediately sank. It was a rejection letter.


Because it was the wrong genre!

She didn’t really say that. In fact, she didn’t say much at all other than it didn’t fit at all! At first, I was stumped, then it came to me, my book was historical, but it was also based on the Bible.

Being turned down by an agent soured me on going with a traditional publisher. The more I investigated, the more I learned. For instance, I learned that they were increasingly wanting the author to have an agent. But  it had taken me months to find one that turned me down. It was a major downer!

As I further studied the matter, I learned that not only does it takes months to get an agent, but it takes months for an agent to find the right publisher, as well. On top of that, the typical publisher might take another two years before they publish the book.

I didn’t want to wait THAT long!

What About Getting Published by Self-Publishing

What about getting published by self-publishing? The idea was prompted by information that introduced me to self-publishing. I don’t remember the details, but it was probably an ad. And it probably suggested that I would have greater control, be guaranteed to be published, and not have to wait a long time. All of this was exciting news.

That thought renewed my energy, and I turned my focus to self-publishing. It didn’t take long before I found a self-publisher that I could use. I paid the fee of about $400, (today it is more likely above $800) and was soon working on getting my book published.

I was on my way!

Getting Published was NOT So Easy

Although I had paid for the publication, it still had to go through their process. One particular annoying practice they had was the proof copy. Once I had finished the book and selected the cover, I was ready. So, I took the next step by requesting a proof copy.

They sent me the copy, but I only had 72 hours to examine it and note the errors to be fixed. That was bad, but I also found a number of errors on their part. One was a repetitious error throughout the book. It was daunting, but I worked hard and got most, not all, the errors identified and provided corrections.

That resulted in errors slipping through. It simply wasn’t enough time to find, and note the errors and the solutions. Once the book was published, I couldn’t update without it costing more money.

Getting Published a Different Way

I was disgusted and changed to another company, but it wasn’t much better. I learned a bitter truth. Self-Publishing sounds great, but the “self” part only means that you pay for it in advance, thus assuring yourself of getting published.

It was a hard lesson to learn, and then CreateSpace showed up representing an idea I never heard of before. Indie Publishing! It changed my life!

But that experience with self-publishing solidified in my mind that when I sat down to write my course on writing I determined that I would work with the student. No rushing them. The student and the manuscript are both important. So, whether the student chooses to be published by T&R Independent Books, or chooses another way, I will work with that student to get the manuscript ready for publication. That decision didn’t happen right away. It took time. And it took tragedy.

In February of 2023 my wife of 41 years unexpectedly passed away during the night. I had lost the love of my life. Thankfully, I was surrounded by my church family which showered their love and support upon me.

After the shock of her passing, I realized that I needed to get serious about the course I was writing to help others write. And I realized I was going to have to offer potential students not just value, but great value.

Looking at my life, and my skillset, I knew I could offer something unique. I could not only offer them a writing course, but I could publish and market their books! It was an idea that grabbed hold of me and wouldn’t let go. The more I prayed about it the more I knew it was what the Lord wanted me to do.

I now would be in the position to help potential writers avoid the school of hard knocks which I had attended, provide them a publishing opportunity that I had not enjoyed, and help them in marketing their books.

The Guarantee

If the student completes the course, meets the Christian criteria (which they would have been meeting all along), and chooses to be published by T&R Independent Books, then I guarantee that the book will be published, and that I will coach them right through that process.

On the other hand, if the student finishes the course, meets the Christian criteria, and chooses not to be published by T&R Independent Books, then I guarantee that I will work with them to get their book ready to be published by themselves or others. If they wish to publish the book themselves using KDP, I will help them set up an account, and coach them on how to use KDP. Since I am unqualified with other publishers, I cannot offer the same guarantee. However, I would still be a resource and would do my very best to help.

if you want to know more now, you should visit my article titled Whats-the-Truth-about-Best-Sellers.

To visit our bookstore, go to TR Bookstore and look around. You’ll find books by my late wife Tess, plus books by me, including Hurrican Ian Winds of Providence & Provision.

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Guaranteed Getting Published

Guaranteed Getting Published is today’s subject. At Basic Authors Training we consider helping people to get published is so important that we did the unthinkable. We guarantee that students who graduate from the course will be published by us!

That is amazing!

Why Have We Guaranteed Getting Published?

A big part of this is my own history. I have talked in the past about the school of hard knocks. Plus, I have post as recent as this week about my own experience trying to get published.

First, I had to choose between Traditional, Self, and Indie publishing. That story has appeared on both LinkedIn and Facebook, but not as deep as here.

But the fact is that when I finished my book, I had to find a publisher. My first choice was Traditional. I was like a babe in the woods. I was naïve and didn’t know much about the publishing industry. But I was soon learning.

It Required Book Agents for Traditional Publishing

In my posts I told how I was rejected. In addition, I discovered the time-consuming process of finding an agent and getting published was smothering me. As I recall I began wondering if there was another way. And there was.

I began scouring the internet looking for the right agent. After months of searching, I found an agent who not only handled the historical fiction genre, but she also had a good reputation. Eagerly, I submitted my manuscript to her.

A few weeks later I received a letter from her. I eagerly opened it only to discover it was a rejection letter. She thanked me for considering her, told me the book didn’t fit her, and wished me well.

I was devastated and confused. According to my research, she represented authors who wrote historical fiction. Then the realization slowly came. It wasn’t Historical Fiction she was refusing to represent, it was Biblical Historical Fiction!

I was completely undone, defeated.

But then I heard about something called Self-Publishing. That sounded good. I would be able to publish the book myself.

Self-Published Promised an easy way for Getting Published

Back in the early 2000s $400 was expensive and hard to come by. I didn’t have much money, but I managed to find it and sign on with a Self-Publishing House. And I was on my way.

Well, not exactly.

You see, Self-Publishing doesn’t really mean that you publish the book. It can be characterized as you pay to have someone else publish the book. That’s not so bad. We pay others to do work for us all the time.

But I quickly learned that while my money was welcome, they were the ones in charge. They chose the fonts, they chose the book size (they may have let me select), they wanted to do the editing, and they gave me little choice on the royalties.

But I didn’t care. I was going to be a published author.

Getting Published Involved Very Little Marketing

When the book was done and published, I was ecstatic! I showed it to friends and family. I was proud as a peacock! Until I learned the dirty little secret.

I wasn’t going to get much help marketing the book. Oh, they sent me a book on how to market, plus they offered several tools that I could purchase. I could have my book advertised in the New York Times! For a price that I couldn’t afford.

The world of reality overcame me.

I still managed to sell books by visiting bookstores and other shops. I had several book signings at a local bookstore. I think I sold around 100 books altogether. But it was hard work, and the royalties were small.

Indie Publishing Appeared!

I switched from the self-publishing house to another publisher who was more of a hybrid, which means it had aspects of self-publishing and traditional publishing merged together. But this didn’t improve the situation. They paid an advance just like Traditional Publishers, except it was only $1. They also paid royalties on the same scale as Traditional, which I thought was unfair. But they published a nice book, retained control of the process, and collected their profits.

 It was then that I began learning about something called Indie Publishing. I didn’t know what it was, but my research on the internet cleared it up. Indie Publishing is the author publishing his/her own book. Plus, a new service called CreateSpace existed for just such an author as me.

So, I switched to CreateSpace, which eventually became Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). It was a decision that would change my career and my life! Not only that, but it sparked within me a desire to help others without all the hassle. Plus, it would lead to Teresa, my wife, and I founding our own business and calling it T&R Independent Books.

It was at that time that Teresa confessed her desire to be an author, which excited me. It would take 5 years of battling a heart attack (me), cancer twice (Teresa), and other hardships before her first book was published by T&R Independent Books. Writing under the name of Tess Riddle, she would go on to rewrite and republish that first novel, plus write three Ladies Devotionals before her untimely death. She had done the impossible!

But that is not the end of the story. Before and since her death I developed a book writing course designed to help others become authors. It was a simple idea that would soon explode into something fantastic!

More on this subject in Guaranteed Getting Published part 2.

To learn more about how Basic Authors Training can help you get finished, go this link:

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