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Blog by Ron – Ministry Publishing

Ministry Publishing is a new venture that I am personally and professionally excited about. Over the years I have noticed that evangelists must carry a ton of their books with them or have them shipped to a church they will be in to preach.

I have also personally seen a pastor have to buy 5,000 copies of his book and store them (usually at the church).

Times have Changed

The need to carry with them books or have books shipped ahead is still common practice. Hopefully they don’t have to order a minimum number of books.

Times have changed with the advent of print on demand. I believe that pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and those in Christian Education should be able to benefit from print on demand technology.

To a small extent, they do benefit. But it is the same benefit that the rest of us get. Shouldn’t men of God get a better benefit?

Enter Ministry Publishing

Ministry Publishing is just that. It is a service that is provided to men in the ministry as pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and Christian teachers. It is also a ministry to women who minister to women and children.

It is a ministry that publishes books. For a small fee (compared to other publishers) Ministry Services will provide editing, proofing, formatting, just about any service you can think of, plus publish the book.

In addition, at no extra cost to the customer, we do offer marketing that pays for itself. The cost of marketing is included in the book’s retail price, thus offsetting the printing cost.

Ministry Publishing Helps the Ministry

In my experience, evangelists most often support their ministry by selling their books. This is a time-honored tradition. But it also represents a major financial burden to buy many books, store them, and transport them. The profits they receive go to the ministry to pay for the travel expenses, housing, and much more.

Because the marketing cost is included in the purchase price, it results in no out-of-pocket costs to the evangelist. Most publishers that I am aware of charge a marketing fee and sometimes require a minimum purchase. But by having a per book price that is included in the base cost, the ministry can order as many or as few as needed.

That is the benefit for evangelists, but for ministers of the gospel it helps them in a slightly different way. With all the costs included in a per book basis the pastor or his church are not dealt a devastating blow.

For example, if a pastor hires Ministry Publishing to publish his book, the upfront cost is $500 (or $83.33 per month for 6 months), no matter how many pages long it is. The pastor’s book is published and the pastor orders 10 copies (number varies depending on pastor’s needs or plans). Let’s say the basic cost is printing plus T&R publishing fee is $4.85. At 10 copies, the pastor would pay $48.50. The pastor sets a retail of $12.99 for the book and sells all 10 for $129.90. His per book profit would be $12.99-4.85=$8.14 per book or a net profit of $81.40 for all 10.

Or the pastor might give them away with a total cost of $48.50.

Either way, the pastor has accomplished his goal and either reaped a profit for the ministry, or expended a small amount of money on the project. The customer has been in control for the whole process.

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Blog by Ron Do You Need a Coach?

R. Frederick Riddle image

Do you need a coach?

You are the final authority on that question but let me provide you with a few reasons you may need a coach. Here is a partial list: You are

  • new to writing
  • hitting a wall
  • Unsatisfied with the book
  • thinking about quitting
  • dejected because your book has been rejected
  • in need of direction
  • not seeing your books sell
  • frustrated
  • are aware of what’s wrong with the manuscript but you don’t know how to fix it.
  • experiencing other reasons

I have written over 12 books over a 19-year period. Do I need a coach? You might be surprised at my answer.

The answer is yes.


There are a number of reasons, but the primary reason is that when left to myself I get very critical. I have a lot of knowledge regarding writing, editing, and publishing, but not all of it is good or agreeable.

That produces anxiety which in turn causes temerity, hesitation. I determined several years ago that I needed help. I didn’t like the way my career was going nor did I know how to change it. Thus began a repeated prayer, Dear Lord, I need a mentor. A short prayer but a correct prayer.

Earlier this year I came in contact with another author who is also a coach. We connected and he started coaching me. Someday, perhaps soon, I will go in to the many ways he has coached me, but right now I just want you to see that though I had written over 12 books I still needed a coach.

Coach Assets

Does he know more than I do about writing? Perhaps, but that is not necessary.

Does he know more than I do about editing? Perhaps, but that is not necessary.

Does he know more than I do about marketing? Perhaps, but you get the picture.

When you watch a football game or a basketball game or any sport, your eyes are focused on the athlete. But if it is a professional sport then you can bet there is a coach involved. Is he more talented than the athlete? Most coaches of professional sports that I have seen are out of shape.

But his skill set is to draw the best out of the person he is coaching. And that is what a coach is for a writer.

More on the other side of this break.

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Now back to the article.

Christian Coach

So, it can be argued that we all need coaches. Speaking as a Christian, I recommend that if you are a Christian, you should have a Christian mentor. Please note, I did not say Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, or any other denomination. It helps if you and your coach are of the same denomination. But the primary thing I am emphasizing is that your coach be as committed to Christ as you are at a minimum.

That can be difficult to learn, but if the two of you are talking to one another, then you should determine the fit rather quickly. I knew nothing of my coach’s denominational connection or his spiritual maturity. But as we talked about writing, I learned a great deal about his spiritual maturity simply by talking to him. I have since learned we are not the same denomination, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that he loves the Lord Jesus, is committed to serving Him, and operates within biblical boundaries.

Coach’s Advice

Another facet about an author is the advice he or she provides. I have greatly benefited from his advice. In case you are wondering who he is, his name is Tom Blubaugh and Christian Authors Community is the writers club he founded.

I will write more about the organization in the future.


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