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Blog by Ron – The Next Step

The Next Step for me is not to be full-time, but to actively build the business. Why do I say that? Because I am now full-time.

My Next Step Was to Go Full-Time.

Up until the end of June I considered that I needed to achieve certain goals to be able to go full-time. But God took me aside to explain a few things.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t, I repeat, I don’t hear voices. But I do hear God through the preaching of God’s Word, the reading of God’s Word, and through brothers and sisters in the Lord.

As I said, God took me aside. I imagine He set me on His lap and gently held me as He explained His will.

You are Wrong!

Nobody wants to hear those words, but that is what God told me. He pointed out that it was He that helped me write the course on writing, it was He that enabled me to take a part-time job, and it is He that wants me full-time in the business. I could add it was He that put the support of missions on my heart.

I was looking at things the wrong way.

The Next Step is based on the current Situation.

There is nothing wrong with having goals, but not recognizing that those goals either have been achieved or are possibly wrong goals. The fact is that I am already full-time!


I am doing the work. I am creating content. I am getting my message out. I am making plans and acting on them. I am making short term and long-term decisions that will impact my business for years.

My Next Step is to Build upon the Foundation.

That foundation is in part the books I have written whether fiction or nonfiction. God enabled me to do so. Another part of the foundation is Basic Authors Training where I teach writers to become published authors. I have expanded and improved the content to a higher professional level. In addition to that I have added two services, Ministry Publishing and Fast Trac. All in all I am offering great content at affordable prices.

That is the foundation. In the days, weeks, and months to go I plan on more content to be published on Facebook and LinkedIn, plus YouTube. Furthermore, I plan on  additional content being added in the course. It is an exciting future.

It Includes the Help Ministry.

This is a ministry that God laid on my heart late last year. It started with Him laying a coworker on my heart and expanded to a vision. This vision is to help people, Christians and non-Christians. In will eventually include financial help, both literal and advisory, plus spiritual help as well.

Have You Taken the Next Step?

Whether you are talking about your Christian Walk or your Christian business, you need to always be taking that next step. It is a sign of a growing Christian.


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