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Blog by Ron – Facing Change

Facing change is part of our daily experience. Hardly a day goes by but that we are reminded we live in a changing world. How does this impact Christian authors? How should Christians react to change?

Facing Change is Constant.

Change is everywhere, but it seems more rampant in writing. That may be because I am an author and more sensitive to it in a literary way. I can remember when we changed from traditional print to print on demand. We had time to adjust, analyze, and finally accept.

Print-on-demand revolutionized all manner of printing. Though it came upon us quickly, it wasn’t too fast. Writers accepted the new technology and started using it.

There are examples throughout life of constant change. The problem isn’t that it is constant or that it is everywhere. The problem is something else.

Facing Change is Speeding Up.

I started out by using Print on Demand as an example. It was an example of when things were slower. But now our world is moving so fast! An example of this is Artificial Intelligence or AI.

AI has been around for awhile in fiction and in college science class. It excited the imagination which led to entertaining stories. However, in 2023 it went into turbo drive. Or so it seemed.

Artificial Intelligence invaded the literary world. All of a sudden, it seemed to explode into the writing world. It had been building up to that. If you step back and look at search engines and how they have evolved, they are raw AI. They had the power to examine data and form conclusions that fed into the algorithms used by Facebook and others.

It all seemed benign, but now it has grown up to possibly be a threat.

AI has Real Dangers

Even as authors were becoming aware of AI through such tools as CHATgpt, we quickly began hearing stories that are alarming. One such story involves a famous female writer, will remain unnamed, who discovered that there is a book on the market barring her name. The trouble is she didn’t write it. Somebody else had used AI to mimic her writing style and then sell the book as it she wrote it. The famous author didn’t receive a penny.

That represents a real danger to all authors.

Facing Change impacts more than Authors

Unscrupulous people are threatening authors through AI. But there are other types of change besides AI. Sometimes change is forced upon us by the government, the economy, or foreign powers.

Right now, our country is facing a changing world where gas prices seem to change on an almost daily basis. The United States and perhaps the world is reeling from these changes. Whether by incompetence or by design, oil prices seem more unstable as ever.

Morals are also changing. There could be an argument that morals always change with each succeeding generation. And to an extent there is value in that argument. But since the end of World War II there has been a growing loss of morality. It started in the 1940s, grew in the 1950s, exploded in the 1960x and 1970s with God being kicked out of public education, to now where government leaders openly defy moral behavior.

How Should We React?

Those of us that are Christians need to take a stand. Unfortunately, the visible church has become corrupted. There are plenty of churches that have succumbed to the world and no longer preach Christ. Some have adopted the world’s view of what is right and wrong. The result are churches which no longer preach the gospel.

  • That means we need to pray for our country.
  • Pray for a return to the Bible.
  • Pray for the future.
  • Learn about AI and other new inventions.
  • how to use them for good.
  • Most of all be a good Christian citizen.


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