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Blog by Ron – Fast Trac: A Faster Way

Is there a faster way to become a published author?

Yes, it is called Fast Trac, which promises to publish your book within 90 days.

Because of modern technology, we have Print on Demand. We have had it for over 20 years. But it is so fast now that a book can be published in 90 days or less. Just look at Facebook and you will see ads for 90 day publishing. Now I come along with Fast Trac.

What’s so Great About Fast Trac?

Fast Trac is speed plus publishing plus some marketing helps.

Speed obviously refers to the 90 days. There’s not much to say about this.

Publishing is something that T&R Independent Books does. Publishing books is a very important part of what is done. Every facet is taken seriously. The promise is that if a person submits a manuscript that has undergone basic editing and formatting, and it has been approved, then the book will be published within 90 days!

The Marketing Difference.

Most people understand that the primary responsibility for marketing lies with the author. It is also true that the Indie author can hire professionals to do the job, or they can try to do it themselves.

Just as you can publish yourself, you can market yourself. Just know that marketing yourself by yourself is very difficult to achieve. Difficult in terms of the commitment of time, energy, and knowledge.

Where I believe that T&R Independent Books is unique is that I don’t just publish your book. I also give you an assist in marketing. Here is a list of things I do.

  • Placement in T&R Independent Bookstore.
  • Featured on T&R Independent Books website.
  • Blog interview.
  • podcast interview.
  • book reviewed in my posts.
  • Free pdf files that can help you in marketing.

In other words, you get the same commitment from me that you get with my other services. That is important!

Fast Trac Sticks with You

When your book has been published T&R Independent Books does not forget you. The place of your book in the bookstore is not a limited time benefit. It is a permanent benefit for as long as you want.

What does it cost to have it placed in the bookstore?

There is a small per book fee that is included in the Basic Authors Cost for the book. That fee will vary depending on the book’s size. Generally, it ranges from $0.50 to $0.99 per book. There is no additional fee, and that fee is passed to the buyer of the book!

Does Fast Trac get a Royalty from My Book?


The only money that T&R Independent Books makes off your sales other than the original cost is the fee. Since you have control over the price of your book you can sell your book for any amount over the Basic Authors Cost that you desire. You can also give the book away and absorb the cost yourself. The control lies with you.

What Guarantee Does Fast Trac Have?

Due to the fast turnaround of 90 days or less, we cannot offer a refund once the manuscript has been approved. However, if you change your mind before the approval, then a refund will be extended to you. The refund will be determined by how long we have maintained your account to that point.

Because the subscription payments begin at the time of the order, the refund is determined by the amount of the subscription that has been received to the date of the cancellation. The subscription will be cancelled, and no further monies will be taken out of your account.

There is a faster way to get published and to receive marketing help as well. It is with Fast Trac.


R. Frederick Riddle is an author, teacher, publisher, and the owner of T&R Independent Books. The website is at T&R Independent Books.