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Blog by Ron – Wrapping It Up

Wrapping it Up is the title of this blog, because for the past week I have been showing you some unique reasons why you should choose to go with Basic Authors Training for your Christian fiction or nonfiction book. I have opened my heart to you and shown you not only what I offer, but why.

Wrapping it Up with the Call of God.

I know what it is like to be called of God to do something. There is one thing, one truth I have learned: When God calls He equips. Focus on that for a moment. We Christians are a called out assembly (what church means). God didn’t just save us, He called us to serve Him. He has gifted us to make the church stronger, but it also benefits the gifted if he or she uses the gift right.

He also opens and closes doors as He guides you along. Basic Authors Training is a door. I believe it is a door He has opened for you, but that is not my decision. It is yours, which is why I have consistently provided you with an opportunity that can help you decide which kind of door it is. An opportunity that awaits you at the other end of the link provided.

Wrapping it Up with the Dirty Little Secret

The dirty little secret about being an author is that the author does most of the marketing (unless he or she is a celebrity). But I determined that I would help my students out in a multifaceted manner.

Here are the ways I help:

  • The book is carried in the T&R Bookstore.
  • It will be featured as soon as possible after publishing.
  • It will be featured on a rotating basis with other books.
  • The book will be featured in my marketing posts.
  • It will be featured in my blog at least once.
  • The author will be interviewed for the blog.
  • The author will have a marketing page set up for their use.
  • The author will have access to the T&R Tool Chest that includes course tools, posts on writing, posts on publishing, and posts on marketing.
  • Plus other tools that I may design.
  • The student will continue getting marketing coaching for at least 4 weeks.

How can T&R Independent Books Do All of That?

It is not easy. But I believe that there are at least two reasons why I should do all of that.

Reason #1 – You Deserve It.

You invested your money, time, and energy into learning how to write. You stuck it out and finished the course. You completed your manuscript. That in itself is enough to justify saying you deserve it.

Reason #2 – I Deserve it.

I invested my time, knowledge, and effort into teaching, coaching, and downright pushing you to succeed. Seeing you get published and have a fighting chance in the marketing world will thrill me beyond measure.

Bonus Reason – The World Deserves it.

You have written a Christian fiction or nonfiction book reflecting the Christian worldview. Whether you included the gospel or not, your book is Christian in nature and presents to the world another way of living, working, or playing. More than deserving it, they need it.

What Does That Mean?

We live in what is fast becoming a non-Christian world. While I still look at America as Christian, it is on a headlong rush the other way. Christian authors can make a difference. Bible studies, Devotionals, Bible-based novels, and other novels with a Christian worldview are needed to influence people.

Many people in America are looking for something that they don’t know. That something is for filling a huge hole. God created man to know Him, but man is in rebellion. Man is constantly trying to fill that hole with sex, sports, movies, alcohol, drugs, and whatever they can find. But only God can fill that hole.

And it is through Christian writings that most people learn about Him.

Why do I say that?

Because people either don’t attend church or the churches they do attend don’t preach the gospel. We authors must step up and fill that hole at least until the churches and their pastors wake up.

Wrapping it Up with An Opportunity That Demands Action

I have poured a lot of effort into making this opportunity something that excites you, encourages you, and equips you. I guarantee you I will do my very best to make this opportunity a forever opportunity.

But I cannot guarantee that it will be forever available. The time to decide is now! That is why I encourage you to click on the link provided, to watch the video, to read the text, to pray over it, and then do what the Lord wants you to do!

Wrapping it Up Pound for Pound.

I have been honest and transparent, plus I have offered you benefits and advantages that are pound for pound better than anything out there. Nobody can promise you a bestseller (honestly, unless in a particular niche), but I can promise you that I will do everything within my power, knowledge, and ability to make you the best author you can be. And if the best author you can be, then your book is going to be the best it can be!

I mentioned earlier that we must step up and fill the gap that modern churches are leaving. That should motivate you and me to be the absolute best author we can be.

I often say in my videos that I am In It to Win It. This is your opportunity to shout out, “I’m In It to Win It!”

if you want to know more and get started now, you should visit my article titled Whats-the-Truth-about-Best-Sellers.

To visit our bookstore, go to TR Bookstore and look around. You’ll find books by my late wife Tess, plus books by me, including Hurrican Ian Winds of Providence & Provision.

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Guaranteed Getting Published Part 2

Guaranteed Getting Published Part 1 talked about events leading up to the founding of T&R Independent Books. This took place in 2014.

I had been using KDP to publish my books for a while, but now a new idea formed in my mind. Why not form a business where I could both publish and market my books.

Eagerly, I took Teresa to a McDonald’s for a meal and what would become our first business meeting. It was there in early August 2014 that I presented to her the idea of us forming a business with her as President. I suggested that because she had a master’s degree in business administration, and because she was a woman (woman get special tax breaks plus special treatment by businesses). A third reason was I wanted her involvement.

She not only embraced the idea but confessed that she had long wanted to be an author. That excited me. Both of us could be authors having our books published by our new business.

Combining the T for Teresa, and the R for Ronald, we came up with T&R Independent Books. We left McDonalds excited by our decision.

Less than three weeks later I suffered a Cabbage 5 Heart attack!

Getting Published Was Empowered by God

Throughout our marriage God has blessed and provided for Teresa and me. It was demonstrated when I had a heart attack. It took place on a Friday morning, I had emergency surgery, and was wheeled out of the hospital on Tuesday. Within weeks I was up, attending church, and working the business.

He also saw us through two cancers for Teresa. The first was the most dangerous and required massive doses of radiation and chemotherapy. But once again He saw us through.

We both prayed for God’s leading and blessing upon the business during this time. I used the time to purchase the rights to previous books I had written, most of which we republished under the T&R label. But the dream to help other writers wouldn’t go away.

Over the years I helped one lady write and publish her book. She wasn’t interested in selling it, but wanted to give copies to relatives. It was an enjoyable book, in fact, it was at some points absolutely funny. Working with her solidified my desire to help others write and publish their own book.

I also helped a retired teacher put together a small booklet that he wanted to use to promote a teaching concept he had developed. Later, in 2022, he had me rework the book with added material. Again the experience was pleasing.

But it was also in 2022 that I heard about an interesting concept: write a course. The idea excited me and I quickly outlined a course that I could write and teach. The idea became a project and in time a reality, which I called Basic Authors Training.

My dream of helping others become published authors was coming true. But first there were a few more hurdles.

Guaranteed Getting Published? Are You Crazy?

When that concept first occurred to me in early 2023, that thought or something like it went through my mind. Teresa, or Tess to her readers, passed away in February, leaving me with my thoughts, hopes, and prayers.

It wasn’t just an obstacle; I had lost the love of my life! But I felt God urging me to push forward with the course. I found a coach who specializes in teaching people how to write and market courses.

The idea was beyond anything we had ever discussed. But when I took it to the Lord in prayer, He began opening doors right and left. It was like He was saying to me, It’s about time!

Knowing that God wanted me to pursue this avenue, I stepped out in faith.

Since I was already working on the course, I started with a basic understanding of course writing. I signed up and began taking the course on Capitalize Your Best by Gordon Dunkin. It was one of the smartest decisions I ever made.

He looked over the course and began teaching, guiding, and coaching me. My concept of teaching men and women how to write, coaching them along the way, and guaranteeing them an opportunity to be published was growing.

More importantly, God was opening doors, using other people to encourage me, and now that concept has matured into reality!

How Does Guaranteed Getting Published Work?

It is really a simple concept. The client/student buys the course by either paying full price up front, or making six payments by subscribing. That pays for the writing course which involves:

  • Live one-on-one Coaching
  • Teaching
  • Assisting every step of the way
  • Preparing for publication

At the conclusion of the course, if the student completed all the assignments and had the manuscript finished or close to being finished, and met Christian standards, that student would receive an invitation to choose to have his/her book published by T&R Independent Books.

If the student agreed, then work would begin on publishing. And there would be no charge to the student.

Huh? How is that possible?’

Easy, the cost of the printing, including the small fee for publishing, would be included in the base cost of the book. In effect, the potential reader pays for the publishing!

In addition, there is a marketing component to the publishing package. The book will be sold in the T&R Independent Bookstore where it will at times be featured. In addition, it will appear in my blog along with an interview, and in posts. Plus, whatever other marketing I do. In short, it will be marketed the same way my books are marketed.

The Opportunity is Now

Simply click on the link below and it will take you to a special page where you will learn more and have the opportunity to get started in your writing and publishing career.

Go to The Truth About Best Sellers

T&R Independent Books brings you this blog post to keep you informed on the issues of today. Authors need to stay informed so that they can relate to their readers facts as well as entertain them with their imagination.

Basic Authors Training is a Basic Writing Course that explains and guides you into becoming an author. Powered by video along with PDFs and Coaching you learn the basics of writing, publishing, and marketing. Plus, we will offer you a publishing package at no out of pocket cost to you if you complete the course and meet the criteria. What can be better? Guaranteed publishing by simply finishing your lessons and meeting simple criteria?

To discover how you can be the writer you want to be, write to us at We will respond.

Did God call you to write? If so, then you can contact me at or use the contact form on the website.


Don’t forget to comment below. We are always interested in your opinions. And to make sure you get our blogs, simply check the box that says, Notify me of new posts via email.

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