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Blog by Ron – Remember the 4th

Let’s celebrate and remember the 4th of July. Do it safely but also with pride. Pride?

Yes. America has fallen on hard times due to its turning away from God. Pundits deny it but real history reveals it.  The government with the media’s blessing has done much harm to our legacy.

Remember it was Founded as a Christian Nation.

Some will deny that fact. But when you look back at the history books that recorded the events of the time, you know it is true.

Benjamin Franklin, usually identified as a Deist, on June 28, 1787 at the Constitutional Convention proposed its meetings be opened in prayer. In fact, he offered a prayer that most of us would have no problem using. While his proposal was never voted on, it led to the practice of opening the meetings with prayer. Remember that.

The Pilgrims

Today we have revisionist history that tries to eliminate God’s influence in our country. But fortunately, we have archives of documents that tell the truth. One such truth is that the pilgrims did not come here looking for wealth, they came here because they wanted to worship God. These people were persecuted for their faith. No matter where they went they were persecuted. But this was their chance to build a home, a society where they could worship God the way they believed. Remember that.

Our Nation has a History of Christian Involvement

Today we have secular colleges and universities that were originally founded on Christian principles. But they lost their testimony when they turned away from God. But originally they were founded by Christians. Remember That.

Remember George Washington

Revisionists have decried that stories about George Washington were myths. In some cases, this was true. But others did happen such as the Battle of Monongahela where he had two horses shot from under him and later found four musket-balls in his coat. Did he survive because he was brave, tough, and resilient? Or is it possible God watched over him?

Another factor about Washington is that he was a man of prayer. Praying to a holy personal God is not a practice of deists, but George Washington was not a deist. He was a man of prayer, and he studied the Bible. Remember that.

Remember the Revivals.

There were major revivals throughout our history until after World War II. Oh, we have revival meetings, we had great preachers, but when we kicked God out of our schools’ revivals were diminished.

We are still a Christian nation, but it is being torn down by those who hate God. But there are still millions of Christians who love God, who worship Him, trust Him, and work to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In them we still find the fires that burned in our forefathers’ hearts. In them, God is doing a work, and this country is and will be blessed. Remember that.

Remember Why We Celebrate the 4th of July.

The 4th of July is more than fireworks, marching bands, and political speeches. It is a time when we can remember what God has done for America. It is a time when we can truly worship Him. Remember that.


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