Teresa (Tess) Riddle

Tess Riddle

Tess Riddle, aka Teresa Riddle, is an exciting addition to our authors. As Teresa Riddle, she holds a masters degree in Business Administration and is the President and co-founder of T&R Independent Books.

2022 has been a big year for Tess. In June she published:

  • Talking with Tess: Walking with God (Talking with Tess is a series)
  • Keys to Murder (a mystery novel featuring Rita Honeycutt, also a series)

Talking with Tess: Walking with God is a lady’s devotional in which she shares her wisdom gained through the years and applies God’s Word. It is an exceptional book that every woman from teen to adult will benefit from studying.

Keys to Murder is the first book of the Rita Honeycutt series. She is a teenager with a nose for mystery and this mystery starts off as a small insignificant mystery about the Haney Place, but she quickly begins to suspect a murder. And it goes from there.

In 2014, Tess teamed up with her husband to begin T&R Independent Books. At the time it was solely for the purpose of marketing their own books. But as they have grown in their writing skills and as Christians they have expanded their vision to not only market books to the Christian community, but to offer their writing, editing, proofing, and publishing skills to pastors, evangelists, and missionaries.