Our Unique Guarantee

The guarantee is unique in what it offers.

The course is actually in what I call 3 Part Harmony. It consists of 3 parts:

  • Writing a book
  • Publishing the book
  • Marketing the book


In some ways this is the most important part. For example, if you don’t write a book, you won’t have anything to publish or market. So, the first phase or module is focused on a two-tiered approach to writing. These tiers consist of teaching through video and PDFs. The second tier is One on One coaching where I work with you on your book, plus apply the lessons learned in the teaching tier.

If you are a Christian who wants to glorify God through writing books, then you need to learn the basics of writing, such as plotting, character building, and much more, which we do.

There are also certain standards to be met. These are:

  • Christian worldview.
  • Does not require gospel presentation.
  • No swear words, although you can indicate swearing.
  • No graphic sex, although sex can be implied.
  • No excessive violence, although violence is permitted.

These standards allow for a great deal of flexibility in your writing. These are general in nature since not all authors will face the same needs or situations. When in doubt, ask.

As an author I have written numerous books containing swearing, sex, and violence without violating those rules. It is just a reminder that we have a reputation to protect, while recognizing that young eyes may be watching.

This two-tier system is designed to give you the best instruction on how to write while providing you with One-on-One coaching. All of this involves a close, interactive relationship between you and your coach.

Now we get to the guarantee

There are all types of guarantees, such as guaranteed to be a best seller. The dirty little secret is that no one can guarantee you to be a best seller. Why? Because thousands of books are hitting the market every week, if not every day. But there is another thing very difficult to accomplish.


Most of these outfits might be able to get you publish ready, but can’t really deliver the goods.

But I can!

I am R. Frederick Riddle, President of T&R Independent Books which publishes books. Up to now, we have only published our own, but we are expanding. Now we publish a select few, and you can be one of the few!

Writing your book is only a start. Next comes publishing. Publishing can be divided into 3 types:

  • Traditional.
  • Self-Publishing.
  • Indie Publishing.

I have talked in my posts about the different types, so this might be redundant. Traditional Publishing was once the only way to go. But these days Traditional Publishing is very hard to get into unless you are an established author, have an agent, or are a celebrity.

Another dirty little secret is that no matter which type of publisher you use, you will do most of the marketing. We’ll talk more about marketing in a few moments.

Self-Publishing is often confused with Indie Publishing. Part of the reason is that some publishing houses offer both types. Even so, there are significant differences. Self-Publishing requires a hefty upfront fee that can be thousands of dollars, just for the writing part!

Self-Publishing also maintains control just as the traditional publishers. I said the same, but actually the self-publishers do allow more author control over the process. But they still have the majority of control, plus most of the profits.

Neither Traditional nor Self-Publishing offers you control of the process, such as Indie Publishing offers. Moreover, neither type offers you muching in the way of marketing support.

But our guarantee meets that challenge.

The Details of getting published.

If you have completed all your assignments satisfactorily, and your book meets our criteria, we will offer you a publishing package with NO upfront costs! That is Amazing!

Here are the requirements:

  • Complete all lessons satisfactorily.
  • Book contain no swear words (you can use symbols, or statements like ‘he swore’).
  • No excessive or graphic violence (a man can be beheaded but no gruesome details).
  • No graphic sex.
  • Our, and by inference your audience is considered Christian.

 I, or someone I appoint, will read your manuscript with the above criteria in mind. If corrections are required, we notify you.

Once approved your book will be published by T&R Independent Books.

Thus, we are offering you:

  • Basic Writing instruction value: $ 2,671.97.
  • One on One coaching value: $ 4,002.12.
  • Publishing/Marketing value: $ 2,998.68.

But there is more.

This article began by talking about no guarantees. But I have just shown you one of our guarantees. Complete the lessons satisfactorily and meet our criteria and we will publish your book, if you so desire.

You see you have a choice. You can take your completed book and publish it yourself, or take it to someone else to publish, or you can take advantage of our offer. One advantage of allowing us to publish your book aside from the lack of upfront cost, is marketing.

What do I mean?

Every book we publish is shopped on our online bookstore. We also feature books throughout the website. But take a look at the whole list of things we do:

  • Book is displayed in our store.
  • Book is sometimes featured in my blog.
  • You are personally interviewed for my blog.
  • Your book will also be featured in my VLOG (Video Blog).
  • Your book is featured in posts.
  • We will advertise your book in other venues as well.

That’s right. We will sell and market your book just like we do our own. And royalties earned will be paid to you.

We also provide marketing tools. Throughout the course you are provided tools you can use for writing. But there are also tools provided for marketing. These tools are part of the Tool Chest that you gain access to as part of the course.

This brings up another dirty secret.


Unless you are an established author, have an agent, or are a celebrity author, publishers don’t do much marketing on your behalf. This has been true for a long time, but nowadays some publishers will provide you with tools at a cost. Are they worth it? You have to decide that for yourself.

But here at T&R Independent Books we try to develop and provide tools you can use. And they are FREE to you, unless we indicate otherwise.

Tools like:

  • Links to marketing sites (unfortunately we can’t endorse them because they may change at a moment’s notice).
  • Links to blogs we find that feature authors.
  • Ideas for local marketing and online marketing.
  • All our coaching tip videos as seen on LinkedIn.
  • All our In It to Win It videos on Facebook.

We are constantly looking for tools and ideas to better markets.

Are you convinced?

What about advances and royalties?

Glad you asked. It is true that some publishers will pay out Royalty Advances. But here is another dirty little secret.

Advances must be repaid, usually in your sales. You receive no payouts until the advance has been repaid. Depending on the amound of the advance that can be hundreds or thousands of books.


We don’t do that. It is misleading and dishonest in our opinion.

Another thing publishers do is bracket your royalties. By that, I mean they start you out at a low rate, maybe 8%, and gradually increase it according to your sales. We start out paying full royalties from the first book.

Our rates will be determined by you. Generally, they are about 30% up 100% of net with some variance, depending on your choices during the publishing process.

Time to Review: We offer:

  • Basic writing instruction at a value of $2,671.97, which is approximately 22.9% of Total Value.
  • One on One Coaching at a value of $4,002.12, which is approximately 34.3% of Total Value.
  • Publishing/Marketing package at a value of $2,998.68 which is approximately 25.7% of Total Value.
  • Tool Chest at a value of $1,995.23, which is approximately 17.1% of Total Value.

Total Value is: $ 11,668, but our price is $5,950, almost a 51% discount!

We also offer two Payment plans for the course.

Full Pay: $5,950 retail (before any discounts and/or sales) a 50.99% savings off Total Value.

Subscription: $500 per month for 12 months (before any discounts and/or sales), totaling $6,000.