What’s True About Christmas & Easter

What’s True About Christmas and Easter? is an exclusive package found only at T&R Independent Bookstore. For a special price the two books can be purchased together. Here’s a peek at what they are about:

What’s True About Christmas?

This book has less than 150 pages but is packed with facts and references. The facts tell the story, but the references are available for further pursuit. As you read this book you will discover: Why Jesus came, When He came, Where He came, Who were the Magi, Why did the Magi come to Bethlehem, and When did they arrive? That and more.

What’s True About Easter?

This book takes a deep look at the arrest, trial, crucifixion, and resurrection of Christ.

The Combo Package

The Combo Package is the uniting of the two books into one package where there is special pricing. These two books together cover the basics of the birth and death of our Savior Jesus Christ, plus many other facts about Him.