World That Was series

The World That Was series consists of six stand alone novels that form a chronological connection. Each book is described below:

Perished: The World That Was

The first book of the series, Perished covers the time between Creation and the Flood, a total of 1656 years. To get an understanding of the world that existed prior to the Flood, the author researched the first 500 years after the Flood. Surmising that the rise of cities and civilizations could not have happened in a normal setting, the author realized that only the transportation of written records over the Flood could account for such a rapid rise. This realization opened up the Bible account to greater understanding and inclusion into the story.

This book is available in Print and PDF format.

World of Noah and the Ark

This is the second book of the series and is unique in having a Q&A section at the end of the book where the Flood and the Ark are explored in greater detail according to modern knowledge. The author, a former sailor, brings to light some of the experiences of being at sea, which enlivens the whole story.

World of Shem

The third book of the series explores the Tower of Babel, the Confusion of Tongues, and the resulting expansion of the known world. His research covers how Mount Ararat must have looked have looked and the rivers Euphrates and Tigris must have appeared in those days. Through the eyes Shem we see the world that he lived in and gain understanding of what happened.

World of Abraham

The fourth book of the series explores the know world of Abraham’s day, but also explores Abraham who’s walk of faith was much like ours, unsteady. There were times he had great faith and times when he stumbled, but in the end his faith won out. This is an interesting and exciting read as God’s plan for mankind is beginning to unfold.

World of Jacob

In the fifth book of the series we meet Jacob and Esau, twins in the flesh but spiritually very different. The journey of faith that Jacob takes is one that is at times enriching and at times painful, but Jacob continues to grow. Meanwhile, his brother starts a family and becomes the head of a people. The day comes when Jacob and Esau meet again. Both men had changed, but could they ever be like brothers again? An exciting story of adventure, love, and spiritual growth.

World of Joseph

The sixth and final book of the series introduces a newly discovered relationship between Joseph and Mentuhotep. If you have ever read Egyptian history then you know how jumbled the records were. But a new understanding of the history has brought Egyptian history into line with world history and, in particular, Biblical history. The author identifies Joseph as Mentuhotep and builds the story of this great man who saved the Egyptian people and his own people, the Hebrews. This concluding book brings to life Joseph’s experiences, choices, consequences, and eventual success.