Writers Basic Training – Sole Proprietor

This video is lesson three on creating a sole proprietorship for your business. In the downloadable PDFs you get your lesson material detailing the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Now that you have received all four Types of businesses, it is time to study and compare. I have created a chart that allows you to compare the 4 Types. Download it and study the comparison, then make your decision. Hopefully you have also created a business name to use. If so, you are ready to contact your state government and register your business. Whenever this is accomplished let me know as it will help me help you.

I have provided you with a downloadable Sole Proprietor Chart plus a Comparison Chart. Make sure you download and save to your computer these charts. As promised, I have a recommendation. If all you are selling is books, then I recommend the Sole Proprietor with a DBA with the stipulation that I am neither a lawyer nor a CPA. You are encouraged to do your diligent research and make your own decision.