Writers Basic Training – Website Design

A website is essential for the success of today’s business no matter the size. Size of business will play a role in determining the kind of website, but should not determine whether to have a website. The real question is not do I need a website? But what kind of website do I need?

As stated in the video you need to first get a domain. That means selecting a domain name, which should relate to your business name. Domains are inexpensive, usually costing less than $10 a year, and often less than that.

Once you have a domain, you will need to get a host. This can be the same place you bought your domain or somewhere else. Nowadays, it is easier to choose your host and buy your domain from them. In the Website Design PDF you will see different domain providers/hosts with a brief description of each.

But the question you should address immediately is What kind of website do I want? So, what kinds are there?

Basically, there are 3 types of websites:

  • One or Single Page
  • Informational Only
  • Contains brief information on business and address
  • May also contain biographical and a book description
  • Three Page

Similar to One Page but has:

  • Home Page
    • Business information such as location and direction
    • May also contain Contact information
  • About Page
    • This would be biographical and could be more detailed than on the One Page site.
    • If you have any credentials or awards this would be a great place to put them.
      • Book Page
  • Whether one book or several this is ideal for Book cover(s) and book descriptions.
  • Multiple Page
    • eCommerce Site
    • As many pages as you want
    • Store or Shop Page
    • Privacy Page
    • Terms of Service

For more information with greater detail download Website Design PDF. Also for your information, you may start working on your book. Download the Template provided. This is a template for a 9×6 book with 300 pages. Don’t be concerned right now about the dimensions, these can be changed later on.