Writers Basic Training – Welcome

This video is your welcome to Basic Authors Training. In it R. Frederick Riddle, your teacher/coach shares with you a road map of the journey you have begun. This self-paced course will take you to becoming a published author and provide you with marketing helps.

The helps include:

* Placement in T&R Independent Books online bookstore.

*Featured on website.

* Author Interview.

*Author’s Page.

*Book Review by R. Frederick Riddle.

*and more.

You are beginning a journey that will lead to you becoming a published author. More than that, a published author with marketing tools that will enable you to master the art of marketing.

Marketing ultimately is the author’s responsibility, but T&R Independent Books wants to help you. Therefore, T&R has built-in marketing tools like its online bookstore. This store is growing and adapting so that customers can find the author and book of their choice.

Featured simply means that customers coming to the website will see books featured throughout the site, thereby becoming aware of your book even though they weren’t necessarily thinking of your book.

The Author Interview will help potential readers to learn more about you and provide insights into your book, as well as your plans for the future.

The Author’s Page will be your own page where you can place a photo of yourself and of your book plus a brief description of your book. This is a page you will be able to use for marketing your book with links to Amazon and to your book’s checkout page in T&R Independent Books bookstore.